Friday, September 30, 2011

It's TCM Time

Soon, Amy and I will be heading up to the TCM expo to pick up some TC10 packets (ourselves and for others). I love the excitement of a marathon expo. Glad I'm just running the 10 mile, though. LOTS of Team R.E.D. folks will be running 10 and then standing at mile 26 to cheer on the marathoners. Sounds like a beautiful weather weekend.

Backing up ... Wednesday night was book club. I made a blueberry peach pie.

It was a hit. I brought home about a 1" slice which made Matt happy. I really should make another one for him. Anyway, Jay Furst's (P-B editor) was at book club and they'd recently been rating berry pies in SE Minnesota. She said mine would have made the list. :-) Anyway, everyone seemed to enjoy it. I actually got the book read (The Heretic's Daughter). It was very dark, about the Salem witch trials. We had good discussion though. That was a shameful part of our country's history.

Last night Matt and I joined the TriRochester folks at Glynner's.

If you're interested in running on Saturday morning, Lana is gathering some folks to run 8 to 10 miles beginning at Brothers at 7 AM. All are welcome to join them.

Yesterday, I ran 7.15 but my legs felt tired. So today I swam and lifted and haven't run yet. Might not. (It's 9:42 AM and I haven't even had breakfast yet. Tummy is bothering me again.) Tomorrow ... rest day.

Just made some chocolate chip pecan cookies for the going away party tonight. I think I finally made a batch without mishap (too much flour, no baking soda, forgetting to set the timer). Hoorah!!

Well, that' it. Have a wonderful day!

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