Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I had a hard hill workout yesterday. And upon rising this morning, my muscles reminded me of that fact and they're still reminding me. I haven't been this sore in a long, long time. I can still feel the uphills (glutes) as well as the downhills (quads). I'd planned to go out to Byron to run around the track for a while,

but that was tempting the (injury) fates. So I opted to ride out there instead

 and ended up running 32.20 miles. It was another beautiful evening.

I passed this poultry barn on county 3, and it looked like they all wanted out!!

Supper was ... you guessed it.

And, I opted for a piece of Matt's b-day cherry pie. De-lish.

Tomorrow I'll be attending the RTC board meeting. We're (I'm) going to be pulling together a year-end newsletter. If you've got anything you'd like to submit (race reports, funny Melby stories, news items, training info) PLEASE send it my way. THANK YOU.

Time to chill. Good night ...

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