Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Yesterday evening, the sign at Brooklawn Park in Byron was dedicated in memory of our dear, and dearly missed friend, Paul Melby.

The gathering was called on short notice but the crowd was HUGE. The biggest turnout I'd ever seen for a Team R.E.D. event.

Not surprising as Paul was so well liked and was everybody's friend. A big highlight of the evening for me was as I was walking to the park from my car, Madi and Carson Melby came running over yelling "Renee!" And Carlson asked if I brought cookies. "Yup!" I said. He asked if he could have one. I assured him that after the gathering was over he could have a cookie. I explained to them that there were two kinds to choose from so of course, they all wanted two!! And two they got.

Carson, Anna, cousin #1, Madi, cousin #2
It was a very special night. And guess what? I actually won something. Tom O' had 3 Bear's Den gift cards to be given away. First we had a stare down. I won against Sara Ryan. Then rock/paper/scissors, which I won against Roger. Then ... a Harvey Wallbanger drink mixing contest, with style points included.  I had no idea what to put in there other than orange juice and I thought some vodka. I also threw in some triple sec and whiskey. :-) Guess what? I won!! Thanks to everyone that voted for me. :-)

Just returned from a 40.01 mile bike ride. This had to be one of the most perfect days for a ride that we've had all year. So enjoyed every mile. Negligible wind, partly cloudy. Just wonderful. (I have to say though, that I got lots of bugs in my face, though!) 10 other bikers out there. Can't say I recognized any of them. Two gals riding together knew me but I'm very bad at recognizing anyone on a bike. Sorry gals!! Morning workout: lift, 1 hour swim, 6.06 mile run. Yesterday I ran my 13.26 mile hill route. I just love that workout. 12 repeats of Lenwood Dr and I tried to keep miles 8 to 12 at 7 to 7:30 pace. One thing I always do the first time up Lenwood is kick all the black walnuts out of the way. Stepping on those things coming down is like stepping on ball bearings ... not good! Now I HAVE to taper for the weekend.

Congrats to everyone that got in the Boston Marathon for 2012!! I opted out for next year. After looking at the accepted qualification times, all three of my marathons last year would have gotten me in which makes me happy. I'm running Napa Valley in March so hopefully I'll be training with those of you running BoMa. :-)

Well, my ride for book club will be here momentarily. Have a wonderful early fall evening.  Good night.


Anonymous said...

i love this! how wonderful! :) team red, you guys are awesome!

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