Sunday, September 18, 2011

Food Coma

No kidding. Thank heavens I've also been running quite a bit, but I'm not sure which way the balance scale would tip in the calorie deficeit v. calorie excess world. But it's been a very enjoyable couple of days despite crummy weather. Left Friday evening for Donnie and Cindy's in St. Cloud and arrived about 9:30. Then it was up bright and early to meet Jodi at 6:00 AM for a long run. The official start time for the breakfast run is 8:00, but many if not most of them front load miles and many are done at 8:00, stay for the photo, then take off.

This group of people are just the GREATEST ... so much fun to be around, so welcoming, so kind. There just aren't enough superlatives to describe them. Jodi (back, very tall and skinny and blonde (and fast!), white shirt) and I ran the Sauk Rapids bridge loop (5.5'ish miles) then added on another 10 minutes out, 10 minutes back to get back by 7:00 to meet Cindy (front, bright shoeslaces). Amy was out there too and joined us (front, far left). We picked up Rick (neon yellow shirt) on the back side of the loop and stretched the loop out to highway 23/Division before going back for the photo ...

Pat Ross, official (and unofficial) SCRR photographer

and another (the third) bridge loop.

I decided to stretch this one out to the SCSU campus and ended up running with Beth ...

a triathlete who started running with the River Runners this summer to improve her running. Very nice gal and familiar with St. Cloud which was good as I would have gotten lost. But once we exited the SCSU campus and took the bridge over toward Munsinger Gardens, I was on familiar territory. The first part of the Earth Day Half Marathon runs through this neighborhood. It's very pretty and right on the river.

Then a bunch of us gathered inside the Ace for breakfast.

From lower left ... Cindy, Adam, Rick, Bob, Kathy, Dave, Deb, Pat, Paul, Gary

From lower left ... Mark, Donnie, Beth, Al, Tim, Anita, Cindy

Gary, Jodi, Mark

Whoa Mark!! Did you eat all that??

I'd run 20.00 miles on just a 90-calorie granola bar and half a bottled of G2 (and some water) and was HUNGRY. So I had oatmeal AND one pancake. I could have gotten by without the pancake, but I ate it anyway. :-)

Fun (and lots o'cookies) was had by all. Then I went back to Donnie & Cindy's for a shower then hit a few stores but unfortunately didn't do much to stimulate the economy. I did pick up a swimsuit for lap swimming at Scheel's. Mine is getting a little thin. Stopped at ... EnduRUNce (running store), Revolution (bike shop), Scheel's, Cash Wise (for salad for supper), Byerly's (for their free seasonal cookbook), Big Apple Bagels (they only had a few bagels, maybe 3 to 5, so I skipped it). Decided not to go to Gruber's (quilt shop) or Crafts Direct as I'd end up spending money on stuff I didn't really need. Then I headed west on 94 up to Freeport and St. Rosa and eventually Little Birch Lake to meet up with Rick, Ron, Bonnie, Gary, Paul and eventually Jay, Donnie and Cindy for a relaxing afternoon, delicious supper and finally a good night's sleep at Rick's beautiful lake home.

We saw the sun for about 3 minutes this weekend :-0

The Grillmeister :-)

Gary, Paul, Ron, Bonnie, Rick

Our delicious meal

Rick and Gary ... the cleanup crew

Jay and his prize cookies (for winning a 10K)

Paul, Cindy, Donnie
And the rest is To Be Continued as I am very tired. Good night all.

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