Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I must say ... taking on another job and working an additional 30 or so hours per week has definitely put a crimp in my blogging time. I see I haven't posted since Sunday. Yesterday I worked at the law office and then a 2 to 11 PM shift at JCPenney (it was DEAD). That doesn't leave much time for anything else.

Workouts: 2 hours on the Stairmaster at level 16 on Monday, 10 miles yesterday, 10 miles this morning. Met Ruth Brennan Morrey on the bike path and chatted with her for a moment. It was my best 10 miler yet since moving here. Each day, I run the 20th St and 5th Ave hills. Twice. That's six tough, tough hills. Today they were easier. Not easy, but easier. So I was happy about that.

Today I am just working one job, so I ran a lot of errands. I stopped at Rochester Cycling and Fitness and had Travis put the trainer tire on my rear wheel. Matt and I gave it a go on Thanksgiving day and trashed the tube. I found this cute little bracelet ... a section of recycled bike chain. They also have bottle openers. For the guys of course.

I'm now TRYING to put the rear wheel on the bike and want to cry. Or maybe scream. Sometimes it goes on so smoothly. And sometimes not. Today, it's a "not".

Back to Sunday. We all went out to eat at Victoria's before the George Winston concert. It was such a nice, relaxing evening.

Just made butternut squash soup with sugared walnuts for book club. I didn't get a chance to read the book but I'll enjoy the discussion, food and friends nevertheless. My friends Emelda and Paula are here from the cities and I look forward to seeing them.


Sunday, November 27, 2011


Just ran 12.53 miles this morning. A bit short of what I'd planned, but good enough. My left hip is bothering me some and the wind was sure cold from the NW. I know, I know. It could be, and will get, a lot worse. But for today that was good enough. My body also hasn't adjusted to being on my feet for 8 to 11 hours a day and that seems to be taking a toll on my running stamina as well as just plain not being in shape. I ran 10.41 yesterday morning before a really busy day at JCPenney. I love it when it's busy. The time goes fast, and it's a lot of fun helping people with their window treatments. But just standing around is hard. Anyway, when I run from this house I usually head for the Mayowood bike trail and the shortest way to get there is down 20th St SW and those HILLS. So I get to run them twice as well as 5th Ave SW south past Apple Ridge up to that water tower. Lots of hill work. Yesterday morning the running conditions were just great. It had rained some over night but wasn't raining during the run. Pleasant temps. In fact, I took off my shirt and ran in my sports bra. Can't do that too often in November. I met some TriRochester guys about 1/2 mile from the turnaround and my goal was that they not catch me. Assuming they also turned around, they didn't catch me. : ) I was happy. I think there were 15 runners at Dunn Bros. this morning which was great. Dave, Pam, Amy, Jean, Laura, Jim, Tom, Tom, Andy, Erin, Monica and her sister, Millie, Meredith, me. Hope I didn't forget anyone.

Got my drapes hung in the dining room on Wednesday evening. A great project to get done. Those sliding doors are like a big black hole after the sun goes down, and when the sun is up, it's hard on the furniture.

Got the RTC retrospective edition done and off to Dave for printing and mailing. I'm now working on moving files (race results mostly) from the existing RTC website to the new one. I think it'll be an improvement, at least on the back end and for race directors. And I believe we're saving some money in the deal.

Didn't hit any stores on Black Friday (or Saturday). Just don't need or want anything and have no desire to fight the crowds.

Well, I'm enjoying a rare day off so best get busy. Going to dinner and the George Winston concert this evening with friends. Sounds like a lovely way to cap off the weekend and begin a new week.

Enjoy your day.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

So Much To Do, So Little Time

I've been workint A LOT lately, and that leaves little time for blogging. None, really if my priorities were 100% right. But I'll put a little post out there so you know I'm alive. If you're my Facebook friend, you do get an occasional update though.

I just looked through the photos I've taken recently and there aren't many. I didn't even take any over Thanksgiving except this one last night of Matt in his "ugliest holiday sweater" for his Hear and Now holiday performance next weekend. It was a Salvation Army "find", in the women's section.

As you can see from the photo above, the house is liveable now. I still need to hang some things on the wall an do something with a bunch of boxes in the lower level, but liveable is good. And I could find everything I needed in the kitchen to make a Thanksgiving dinner, so that was good (turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, rolls, Brussels Sprouts). And it was good. My fave ... the Brussels Sprouts. I'm not a gravy eater and the rest tasted pretty much like it always does. : )

My stepmom's surgery went very well and she is recovering at cardiac rehab and will probably be released (to come back to my house) next week. Her son David and his family came up from the Des Moines area last weekend and dad took us out to eat. It was nice to see them. The girls are getting so big.

Ellen and I
I've been running most days, or getting on the Stairmaster, but haven't been to the pool or gym in about 3 weeks (before the NYC marathon). I have to work 9 to 5 today so won't make OSS, but hope to get a longish run in Sunday morning before/with OSS (Dunn Bros. north at 8:00.

Well, I better get busy. The times is getting away from me AGAIN.

Toodles ...............

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hear and Now

Hear's (misspelling of "here" is intended!) my son Matt singing his arrangement of Uncle Kracker's Follow Me with his acapella group Hear and Now. I'm so proud!! I could never sing in front of people like that. I have this Uncle Kracker CD and it's a fun one.

A HUGE congratulations to Michelle Williamson (Tom and Karen's daughter) who's 23 and completed her first Ironman tri this weekend ... Ironman AZ. She 1) won her age division, and 2) is now registered for Ironman Kona 2012. Woot woot!! So proud of her. : )

Ran 8.02 miles this morning in the new neighborhood. Two hours on the Stairmaster yesterday. Working a lot of hours and thus don't have much time for blogging. Still lots of unpacking and hanging pictures, drapes, etc. to do yet. But it's liveable "hear and now". : )

Well, I'm going to try to get done with the RTC year-in-review newsletter this evening. Hoping you'll like it. Look for a story from Tom O' (Memories of Melby), an On The Run With ... Millie Suk, a story on sudden death in athletes by Jeff Pasternak, M.D., recipes from me, and ... lots more. It'll arrive in your mailbox sometime in December (if you're a current RTC member that is!). Printed in color.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Getting There

Slowly but surely, the new (temporary) place is getting liveable. There's still a pile of boxes in the living room and I need to decide what goes in storage and what goes in the one free drawer and one free cabinet in the kitchen. The office is liveable, my bedroom is liveable, dad and Ada's room is liveable, bathrooms are liveable and the downstairs family room needs a LOT of help. What I really need is either: 1) more storage, or 2) less stuff. Option 2 is probably the better solution.

Millie and I had to practice our winter running skills this morning. We ran up to the cemetary on the bike path and then out to Quarry Hill and the tennis courts, the lake and then back to Panera. Very slippery in spots. But thankful that as of now we only have a dusting of snow. I'm really not looking forward to winter this year. This year more than most. I got in just over 8 miles. With Millie's 5 early miles, she got in about 12.5 (I went out another half mile after she met her sister and dad for coffee). Yesterday I ran with OSS up the Douglas Trail. Just a hair over 15 miles for me. Longest run since NYC.

We had a LUABC meeting at Jean's house this evening. We celebrated Laura getting her master's degree and also conducted a business meeting. The half marathon course has been certified and the giveaway this year will be embroidered black fleece gloves.

Well, I'm tired and I have to work 'til 10 PM tomorrow, so I'm going to call it a day. I'll post some pix tomorrow. Have a great week!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Not So Much

Very good news on the home front. My stepmom had a heart valve replace yesterday and it went very well. When I left the hospital she was still in the ICU and just taken off propyphol (sp?) and they were going to start waking her up. Hope she is doing well today.

It was a pretty un-birthday like day. Mostly. Went in to the office for a while in the morning, but didn't have to work at JCP. Went to the hospital. Moved the last two loads of stuff out of the house and started cleaning. Didn't even sit down and eat a meal. By then it was 5:30. Amy and Jean convinced me to join them for a glass of wine at Dooley's despite the fact that they were smartly dressed in work clothes and I was in cleaning clothes. It was a nice break with good friends. Then I decided to go to Target and look for a few storage containers instead of back to the cleaning (which I will start shortly). I bought myself a slice of cake, but no candles and didn't sing to myself. : ) THANK YOU, all 151 of you, for the birthday greetings on Facebook!! Made my day.

Well, I better get busy. I have to turn the house over to the new owners in 28 hours.

Have a good one.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dead Tired

That's about all I can say. I'm dead tired. This move is dragging on and on due to limited time to work on it. And no time to work out, which doesn't help my stress level. But I'll get through it. I have to.

Prayers, positive thoughts, etc. would be appreciated for my stepmom Ada. She is having a heart valve replaced in the morning. They will be staying with me for a couple of months. I feel so bad that they have to stay in this messy disorganized house, but there's nothing I can do about it. I just don't have any time to get it organized. My food is at the other house, and I am here. Hoping that this weekend might bring a little order to the chaos. I am very emotional about selling my home on Kal Lane. It was a great house and I put a lot of myself into it (built it, and I designed it). I'm hoping to find the time to bake one last batch of cookies over there. Just the thought of that makes me cry. But in the overall scheme of things, it is just a house.

Well, I'm totally exhausted. Worked at JCPenney until 10:00 PM, then had to go to Kal Lane to get my bedding out of the dryer, bring it over here to make up my bed, and try to wind down after another marathon 20-hour day. And another one today.

Good night friends.

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Break

All I've done today is pack and work. No workout. No time. So now, I've decided to take a few minutes for me, and you. Here are my souvenirs from NYC:

Workout pants from Athleta, styled like jeans. Their pants almost all comes in talls, even small tall.

Headband and gloves, with the 5 boroughs on the fingers. Fun.

Yvonne and Jodi said I NEEDED this NYC purse. From a little boutique next to 30 Rock.

Five dollar pink animal print scarf from Chinatown.

From the expo (back of the shirt).

Race shirt.

Well, I suppose I better get back it. This is an exhausting and emotional job. At least I'll be glad when all my stuff is in one house. The movers moved the big stuff this morning. I have yet to pack up the kitchen, the office and some of my clothes. But I have another six days. Lots of friends helping move tomorrow morning/afternoon. THANK YOU all in advance!! Beer/pop/cookies provided. Come join in the "fun". Any time 9:00 or after.

Good night.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


No time for a detailed post with having to pack up the house. But here a few pictures from the trip. What a wonderful time it was. Spectacular weather.

American Diner for breakfast on Saturday

I'm in!!

Times Square daytime

We went to see Memphis on Broadway. Great play. Great message.

Tom, me, Jodi

Times Square at night

Sunrise on marathon morning

"Green" athletes' village

Baggage claim

Finishers!! Tom, Andy, me, Yvonne, Jodi

St. Patrick's cathedral

Rockefeller plaza

Top of the Rock view

Protestors on Wall Street

In Little Italy

Morning run along the Hudson the morning after the marathon

Tom and his two new BFFs

Moi at Good Enough To Eat .... fabulous breakfast

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb on TODAY

Pedicab ride through Central Park

Fountain from the opening of Friends (Central Park)


Sunset Tuesday over the Hudson
And our journey came to a close. Much more another day. No time now. Have a good one.

Monday, November 7, 2011

NYC Marathon. Check.

Well, I did it. I finished the NYC marathon. Of course, not without pain and my usual "issues", but I was so happy to finish.

Nice medal, but cheapo lightweight plain ribbon!

The weather was PERFECT. 40s at the start. Not sure about the finish. High 50s? Sunny skies. Wind, but not as much as Saturday. And so many spectators. It was incredible. We were up early to meet at 5 in the lobby to catch the subway to the Staten Island Ferry to catch a bus to the start. It all went like clockwork. Clocks were set back on Sat night/Sun AM. We got to the lobby. No Mike Schmitt. At 5:05 I called his room. Jessica said that no, Mike wasn't on his way down. Their clocks said it was 3:50 AM. I told her it was 5:05 AM and we had to leave. Get on the ferry and who comings walking on ... Mike. I don't know how he pulled that off, but good thing he laid everything out Sat night.

There were people everywhere on Staten Island checking our numbers on the walk to the corals. We must have had to show it to 10 people. Understandably, they take security very seriously here. Peter and I sat together in the green coral and ate our breakfasts waiting for the 8:10 cutoff for bag drop before walking to the corals to wait for 90 minutes. Lots of waiting, that's for sure. But I brought plenty of clothing so I was warm, except for my toes. There are LOTS of people from all over the world at this marathon so many languages were being spoken all around us. And lots of people to talk to.

After opening the closed corals if that makes sense, we walked to the bridge on ramp to wait for about half an hour. Still had my heat blanket so I was relatively warm. Then, we were off. At about 3 miles I could feel my hip. Oh no. This could be a long day, I thought. My mind just wasn't in the right place for this marathon. I was conting down the miles to the finish after 2 miles, and several times actually thought about quitting. But I kept pressing on. We ran through Brooklyn for many miles and my friend Summerson Springer ran up on me and we chatted for a while. It was great to see her. She was running faster than me, so shortly she went on ahead.

I think my first portapotty stop was at about 6 miles. Then another one at 11 or 12. Then a couple more after that. I was drinking at every water stop hoping to keep the cramps at bay at least for a while. But with the cool temps and an apparently full bladder, I just had to stop. I wish I could get those minutes back but that's not to be. There are lots of hills on this course. Long bridges, hilly Central Park made it a challenging course. But I loved it. I loved seeing the city, all the runners (very much shoulder to shoulder the early miles with some tripping going on), all the neighborhoods, all the bands, all the spectators. Not a fan of huge marathons, but I liked this one. Liked the running part of it better than Boston.

So when did the cramping start? Twinges at 13 but then more heavily at about 18. But this time I wasn't stopped in my tracks for minutes at a time rubbing my adductors and weeping. I was able to stop for a short time, get the cramp to release (mostly hamstrings) and keep moving (albeit slowly). My first half was a 1:53 on my garmin. Finish time 4:06:50 on my garmin. Haven't seen an official time yet. I was satisfied with that. Not happy with the time in the overall scheme of things, but satisfied. My goal was to finish and that's what I did. So I met my goal. Hoping that if I can do speedwork and tempo runs and lose weight in 2012, unlike this year, my running will improve. But for now, I'm a NYC marathon finisher and I'm happy about that.

Late afternoon we made our way to Manhatten. Some went to mass, some walked Fifth Avenue. It was alive with people on a Sunday night and all the stores were open. (I didn't buy anything). I was surprised. We stopped for a burger before riding to the top of Rockefeller Center. We were starving and the burgers and fries hit the spot.

Here's a toast to a very good day.

More later. Have a great day!

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Big Apple

Well, it's almost here. Almost time to (try to) run through the five boroughs of NYC with my good friends (Jodi, Yvonne, Tom W, Andy, Peter, Mike) and 45000 "other" friends. Yikes. That's so many people. The logistics have me nervous on this one. We have to take the subway to the Staten Island ferry (we're scheduled for the 5:45AM) which will take us ... I'm not sure. I'll just follow the crowd. My life has been a bit too busy to think very much about this trip. Back to the "try to" run thing. I've run 6 miles since Saturday. And my body is tired. My body is hurting. My left hip and lower leg were barking this week. I don't know if it's all the time spent lifting, carrying, bending, going up/down stairs or what, but my confidence level for this marathon is pretty low. So no workout today. No workout tomorrow. I'll just try to press on to the finish, but it's going to take me a while, I pretty much know that. Just hoping it isn't too terribly ugly.

I am looking forward to seeing the sights, seeing a show on Broadway tomorrow afternoon, eating in Little Italy afterwards and spending time away from the baggage that is my life right now. It's a much needed respite and I hope I can let everything go for a few days and enjoy NYC. The weather sounds pretty perfect. Low of 38 on Saturday, high of 56 Sunday, low of 43 Sunday and then 63 Mon and Tues. SWEET.

Eric came home last night and made us a pizza and brought a bottle of pinot noir. We ate while we watched the Wild game (they won 4-1). What a nice relaxing evening. I'd had such a full day. Worked 9 to 6:10 and had done some more moving in the AM.

Well, I'm going to get busy. I'll post from NYC. Toodles.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Too Busy for Words

Oh my. So tired. I slept for 3 hours last night. Woke up at 1:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. Which certainly left me dragging today. Got on the Stairmaster for an hour before my FIRST job. Then started training at JCPenney. So much to learn. Then moved a few loads to my rental house.

I've been given the weekend of 11/12 and 11/13 off so I can move which is wonderful, as I am supposed to be free to work all weekends. If you're available to help (I'm thinking we'll start the afternoon of the 12th, after the Gamehaven race), please let me know. It's greatly appreciated. Starting another job, getting ready to go to NYC to run a marathon (totally unprepared), moving, family staying with me for a couple months while undergoing surgery, ... it's overwhelming. And in the middle of all this, I'll turn 51.

Congrations to the Strain family on the birth of Ellis on Sunday morning. Dan gave me permission to post this.

Now Dan and Heidi have "My Three Sons". Remember that show??

Here are my nephew and niece in their Halloween costumes yesterday. SO CUTE.

Well, I'm still really dragging but I should try to get a little more done before I collapse.

Good night.