Thursday, November 17, 2011

Not So Much

Very good news on the home front. My stepmom had a heart valve replace yesterday and it went very well. When I left the hospital she was still in the ICU and just taken off propyphol (sp?) and they were going to start waking her up. Hope she is doing well today.

It was a pretty un-birthday like day. Mostly. Went in to the office for a while in the morning, but didn't have to work at JCP. Went to the hospital. Moved the last two loads of stuff out of the house and started cleaning. Didn't even sit down and eat a meal. By then it was 5:30. Amy and Jean convinced me to join them for a glass of wine at Dooley's despite the fact that they were smartly dressed in work clothes and I was in cleaning clothes. It was a nice break with good friends. Then I decided to go to Target and look for a few storage containers instead of back to the cleaning (which I will start shortly). I bought myself a slice of cake, but no candles and didn't sing to myself. : ) THANK YOU, all 151 of you, for the birthday greetings on Facebook!! Made my day.

Well, I better get busy. I have to turn the house over to the new owners in 28 hours.

Have a good one.

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