Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

It's a beautiful night for trick-or-treating, so I imagine we'll get quite a few. I finally took the screen out of the front door and put the glass in so I can leave the front door open tonight. Boy, I remember some pretty cold years taking the boys trick-or-treating. All bundled up, winter coats over their costumes, the ice storm of 1991, bitter wind chills. But there have been very nice Halloween evenings too. I've got to share these photos from a St. Cloud friend from Facebook (Jodi Nelson-Ryan). I am SO impressed!

I opted out of the karaoke Halloween party last night. Just didn't feel like it. And didn't feel like consuming enough alcohol to sing karaoke. :-) Too many calories, and I was tired. Again this year I opted to buy candy that doesn't tempt me: Kit Kats, Almond Joy, Hershey Bars, Whoppers, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

This morning's first workout: 7.20 mile loop-around-the-hill. It said 28 degrees on the thermometer at the dry cleaners on Salem Road, but with no wind, it was very pleasant. I wore my brand new 2150s. Sweet. The only thing better than new running shoes is new running shoes AND new socks.

Then I ate my bowl of oatmeal and then pedaled over to the RAC to meet Bri for a bike ride for my second workout of the day. Lindsey sold her bike last year and couldn't find one to borrow for today :-( We decided to head west from the RAC and then south on 104 to Salem Road and then south on county 15

until it ended at highway 30.

With my 4 miles to the RAC and 4 miles back home again, it was 34.84 miles. Very nice ride and I was happy to ride with Bri. :-)

Immediately after finishing the bike ride I dashed in the house and changed to go out to Oxbow for the 1:00 hike. I wore my pink gaiters.

What a beautiful day for a hike.

In attendance: Jean Murray, Adam Walters, Shelly Melby, Tom O'Leary, Wendy O'Leary, Ann Nepstad, Aaron Nepstad, Meg Bellrichard, Tod Bellrichard.

We walked a hilly 50-minute loop from the 3rd bridge parking area.

Then it was off to Margarito's for Margaritas. Or margaritas and beer, as the case may be. :-)

Meg's frozen strawberry margarita

I guess I'll opt out of doing time on the Stairmaster this evening. I've been doing 1-2 hours every night, but I guess I worked out enough for today. I have to say hills are my friend these days, whether on foot or the bike, so that's a good thing. On the downside, I feel like I've got tree trunks for thighs, and that's not a good thing.

I just finished making chocolate-dipped peanut butter cookies for the Cookie of the Month Club.

They will get delivered to the Y at noon tomorrow.

Jim Mason has more photos and info on the Gamehaven True Cross Country Run to be held November 13. I sure wish I was going to be in town for this one. Sounds like there is a lot of interest (I've heard a lot of chatter) and they have made some nice additions to the perks: hot soup and hot chocolate in a heated pavilion after the race, awards for the most spirited team (free caps and a free entry to Chester Woods Trail Run 2011), cannon start, handmade awards. Entry info on the RTC website.

If I'm feeling a little more motivated, tomorrow, I'll post the recipes for my veggie egg bake and crock pot steel cut oats that I brought up to St. Cloud yesterday. And maybe some more kid pix.

Quote for the day: "The best things in life are free ... a warm hug, a kind word, a smile". Enjoy the sunshine.

Good night.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


What a wonderful way to spend a morning. In the company of so many good friends. Let's see... (front) Pat Ross, John Dockendorf, Ron Stock, Renee Saxman (me!), Boy Zetterlund, Wanda Gau, Kathy Carlson, ???, Edda Kombo, (back) Evan Jones, Dave Carlson, Tag Downare, Monty Steffens, Rick Hlebain, Tim Wolfram, George Bienusa, Brad Berger, Brian Woods, Dave Steffens, Morcelli Kombo, ???, Mark Klaverkamp, Anita Baugh, Al Zetterlund, Buddy Gau, Linda Christen, Daryl Stevens, ???, Gerry Stock, Jay Johnson, Denise Baxter (MIA at photo time) Paul Ford, Cindy Lewandowski, Nikki Bergh, Deb Bemboom, Pam Stevens, Amy Woolsey, Gary Keller, Ronda Danielson, Yvette Dockendorf (taking photo) Bonnie Stock. That's 41!! Wow. Great turnout. (A larger version of this photo is on the River Runner website.)

 Many months ago, Ron Stock (RS) suggested having a joint "RS Turns 50" birthday party in St. Cloud in October as he turned 50 in September and I turn 50 in November.

I thought it sounded like great fun so I said sure!! Today was the day. I took off yesterday heading north on 52/35E/694/94 for St. Cloud.

I arrived at the Stocks at about 7:30 after stopping for a 1/2 turkey sandwich at the Clearwater Truck Stop. Great sandwiches. Mustard, no mayo. :-)

Morning dawned as a beautiful one for a run (that's Wanda) ...

a great turnout ...

delicious (and very plentiful) food.

Thank you Bonnie and Ron for hosting me overnight, and all our River Runner friends this morning. :-)

Deb, me, Amy
Most of us will meet up again in two weeks in NC for the Outer Banks Marathon. Can't wait! The road trip of road trips it shall be!!

Ah ... I almost forgot. There was RUNNING involved! I ran 16.17 miles and it went very well. We/I was running faster than I have of late. I told Gary I didn't think I could hold on when we were running 7:35'ish pace. I went in the house to get another pair of gloves and blow my nose and told him to go on without me. I slowed down a bit after that. But the final miles were right at 8:06 pace every time I looked at my watch. I felt very good about the run. No issues. :-)

After I left Ron & Bonnie's, I went to Crafts Direct (I had a 40% off coupon!) ...

and the Endurunce Shop for a new pair of 2150s. Our race team gets 25% off and I want to support the store.

Well, more than just an RS 50th Birthday Party happened today. Three local ultrarunning stars ROCKED Surf the Murph 50K this morning. Trevor, Andy and Jeff!

Andy got 5th place running a 5:20, and Trevor and Jeff got 6th and 7th running 5:44.

They look GREAT!! I am so proud of them. Trevor said the gaiters worked great. I'm sure the cookies did too. :-) Trevor said the course turned out to be 33.57 miles. 2 miles LONG.

Up for tomorrow ... a bike ride with Bri and Lindsey. 10:30 at the RAC if anyone would like to join us. Then I might go to Oxbow for the 1:00 hike before watching the Vikings. And after having a margarita. :-)

Quote for the day:

Good night.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Flippin' Freezin'

That's what I was yesterday at the Section CC meet up at Northern Hills. I'd thought about wearing boots, but decided against it. Bad move. Wore these shoes and my feet were FREEZING.

But I survived. Congrats to the teams and individuals who are heading to St. Olaf in early November for the state meet. Here are a few pix from the meet ...

Jim Mason

Tish Torchia

The girls are off and running

And the guys too!

The crew ... pretty much the same faces every year
Ross Hamernik
 Ross Hamernik was helping out at the meet, 6 weeks after hip replacement surgery. He's doing very well. Looks great.

I stopped in briefly at the Schmitt's / Team R.E.D. to give Andy (in the faux hawk and mask) the gaiters for he and Trevor for Saturday, as well as some cookies for all three of them running the 50K. Should be good weather.

Team R.E.D. at the Schmitt's
 Then it was off with my cookies ...

to Glynner's to meet up with the TriRochester folks. I hadn't seen them in a while. People came and went, and many were conversing while standing up, but there were at least 30 in attendance at one time or another while I was there. Fun! The cookies didn't last long.

Glynner's with TriRochester
Harvey Hutchins

(Thank you to Harvey's wife for taking the photos. She insisted. :-) I talked a little bit with Rob Mitchell (and gave him some of those English muffins for Donna :-) and one of the 7 runners from Schaeffer that he coaches, an 8th grade girl, is going to state. Super!!

Mike Ewen's HUGE BBQ pork taco salad
Mike is having knee surgery on Monday. I hope it goes well for him, and that when he's recovered, he's able to get back on the roads (running). He's a runner at heart he says. After I got home, I did an hour on the Stairmaster (I ran 12.70 miles in the AM in that terrible wind. My fingers were freezing.). Then Eric and I enjoyed some pumpkin walnut pancakes about 9:30 pm for my supper (and a snack for him). Delish.

Pumpkin walnut pancakes
 Speaking of pancakes, OSS is meeting at Brothers in the AM at 7:30 for a run (mileage is always up to you!) followed by food and fun inside. Brothers is my favorite breakfast spot. Love those walnut pancakes. Speaking of pancakes, I had some hearty whole grain 'cakes at IHOP on Sunday  before leaving Chicago, after our 20-mile run. Boy, did they hit the spot.

This morning's workout: run to the Y, lift, swim an hour, run home, run something over to Kathryn's, run a few miles with Jim Benike at noon (total mileage: 10). My old GPS decided to keep a charge this time, so for a few runs, I will have my mileage. My "new" GPS is still deader than a doornail. Don't know what's up with that. Jim and Lorraine just did the rim-to-rim-to rim at the Grand Canyon. A friend of his is going to do the quad (rim-to-rim-to-rim-to-rim) any day now. Wow. Jim said it takes him about 24 hours.

Jim Benike
Other options for activities for the weekend: The Spirit Run 5k or 10k on Saturday. The 10K is the last eveng in the RTC Grand prix series. Also, about an hour hike at Oxbow Park at 1:00 pm on Sunday, followed by (optionally) Margaritas and Margaritos in Byron. I just might do that this week ...

Well, enough for today. Enjoy the sunshine and dimished winds!!

Quote for the day from Benike: "You can't say you spent the whole day drinking if you don't start in the morning." There 'ya go ...