Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Strawberry Sensation

My contribution for book club (Water for Elephants) tonight:

Here's the recipe. I think I blogged it last year as well ...

Berry Cream Pie (raspberry or strawberry)
1 9" baked pie crust

1 package Dream Whip, whipped with 1/2 c. skim milk and 1/2 tsp. vanilla

Beat 1 8 oz. pkg. 1/3 less fat cream cheese with 3/4 c. powdered sugar. Fold in Dream Whip. Spread in cooled pie crust.

Mix one package strawberry or raspberry Junket Danish Dessert mix (at HyVee it's near the Jell-O) with 1 3/4 c. water. Boil one minute. Allow to cool some. Fold in one pint raspberries or one quart sliced strawberries. Spread over top of pie. Refrigerate. (I like this better when prepared with just 1/2 package Junket.)

Probably won't post until I get back from Cincinnati. See 'ya!

Beauty of a Morning!

Lovely 8.5 mile run this morning! Not fast, by any means, but it was just great to be out there. Worked a bit on tweaking the 20K course. A definitely bloggable sighting ... RTC member Brian Erwin, on his way to work at the government center. ;-) It's always great to be greeted by Brian in the morning ... usually at the Y, and he's on treadmill 7 and I'm right behind him on Stairmaster 5! Also spotted, my husband Ted on his bike. ;-)

Just a reminder that the RTC is staffing a water stop again at the Med-City marathon. We're at mile 13/14 over by Snappy Stop. It's a great spot for spectating as well. If you are interested in volunteering (you'll get a shirt), please contact Jean Murray. Thank you!

A new race on the calendar, and it's a cross-country race... Mother's 5K (it's Mother's Day weekend.) I'll be volunteering, but if my volunteer spot allows, I believe I will also run it! TriRochester is sponsoring this run.

And of course Spring Classic is now just around the corner! 5K or 15K ... your choice. Need to do a 20-miler for Med-City? Run it twice! Or run down there from home. Registration available that morning or Friday evening at Running Room.

This morning I looked at my GPS for Boston. My marathon mileage was 26.89. It was all those port-a-potty stops, and some running against the flow back to the medical tents. ;-) I got my money's worth!

I'm still watching American Idol . My bet is on David Cook or David Archuletta. Probably Cook. I think he's more marketable and has a more interesting personality. We'll just have to wait and see...

Gotta run. (i.e. it's time to go to work.) Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Welcome to my little corner of the running world

Thanks for stopping in. I'm glad global warming has taken a brief reprieve, but about now, I'm longing to leave my mittens at home in the morning, to hear the sound of lawnmowers, to dig in the dirt, ...

A lot of this 'n that to report on today. Here goes ...

First off, Spring Classic is this weekend. Your choice ... 5K or 15K! More information on the RTC website Technical Ts! Homemade monster cookies! Chip timing! Great weather!! (At least better than the Fetzer was!) Be there or be square! The masthead photo on this blog was from Spring Classic a couple of years ago...the beautiful Virginia Bluebells on the Mayowood trail.

The promised slideshow from Cape Cod. It was sooo beautiful out there. We were blessed with really wonderful weather the whole time we were in the Boston area. Mostly cloudless skies except for the hours before the marathon began. Very little wind. Wonderful. I could see myself living out there...were it not so expensive. ;-)

A few last little tidbits from Boston: Lindor truffles in the dessert tent at the past feed ... YES!! My cost/hour to run the marathon was way less than most. ;-) From Kristin (ex-Mrs. Lance) Armstron's blog on (very good blog): "Kristin Armstrong: This was my sixth marathon, and I have these damn cramps every time. I know they hurt, I know they suck, I know they want to rob me of my joy, and I also know they won't kill me. So I ran on them." I'm glad I'm not the only one who cramps every time! I only wish I could run through mine.
Pictured: The official shirts and finishers' medal.

From Jim Mason: Fetzer 20K Blogger's comments It's very cool to see someone else write about your event. Thanks for sharing it, Jim.

From Tom O'Shaughnessy: Wanted - RTC member Tom O’Shaughnessy is looking for a triathlon partner to do the the June 14 Lutefisk triathlon in Osseo, Wisconsin. The Lutefisk triathlon parts are 2 mile canoe, 11 mile bike, 3 mile run. Laura Eide, the race director, has been kind enough to volunteer a canoe. Tom will pay all entry fees for both of you. You’ll do the canoe 2 miles together and then do the other 2 portions individually. This event is perfect for a beginner or advanced. Contact Tom at: .

Speaking of canoes, Al Atkins called me the other day with information about a Canoe Race on June 28.

From Laura Lenz: HI. I will be spearheading the assembly of the next Rochester Track club newsletter. It is hot off the presses and ready to go. I would like to put it together this Thursday, May 1 at 6:30 pm at my house: 608 Meadow Run Dr SW. Directions: If you're heading south on Broadway, turn right on 25th St. South (by Wal-Mart). Make an immediate right onto Frontage Road. Left onto Meadow Run Dr- it's up the hill a little bit on the left side.

Sorry for the short notice. I understand it might not work for a lot of you. But if you can make it, just let me know. You will receive your copy of the newsletter that night and some kind of decadent dessert!

Thank you Laura, for handing the newsletter assembly in my absence. Speaking of the newsletter: Please handle renewals in a timely fashion. If you've received mailings and emails regarding your membership expiring, and it expired in January or February, you will not receive the May newsletter. If you plan to renew, please do so to save us some time and money. Thanks in advance. --Your membership chair

Thank you to K.C. Reed and Kit Hawkins for picking up trash last week during the Litter Bit Better campaign, part of RNeighbors. We weren't able to publicize it very well as the website was (and is) down. Also thank you to Laura Lenz and Sam Rowekamp for picking up trash prior to the official trash pick up. With all the wind, I'm sure there was much to remove. We own the path around Soldier's Field all the time, not just when we schedule trash pick-up. If you notice litter out there, or anywhere for that matter, feel free to pick it up and dispose of it. There's a dumpster in the parking area off Broadway, across from Snappy Stop.

Nice article about Thom Weddle, from Burnsville, in the latest Running Times. Masters runner who runs the Fetzer 20K most years. He registered this year, but the weather kept him at home.

KWEB has an on-air (radio) auction on the weekends. I've not listened or participated live, but I do give a call to see what's left over and still available for purchase. Today I picked up a couple travel vouchers for GoRochesterDirect for getting up to the cities for the RRCA convention and Flying Pig 10K this weekend. Straight from the pig's mouth: "Some big names in the running community will be in Cincinnati to help celebrate the Pig's 10th anniversary, including Runner's World contributor Hal Higdon, two-time Olympic Marathon qualifier Dick Beardsley and international Track and Field Athlete of the Year Henry Rono. "

Anyway, there was lots left at KWEB. $5 Cold Stone Creamery certificates (for a Love It creation) for $2.50. $10 Great Harvest gift certificates for $7. Many, many other things available for purchase. Pages of things. The office is located in suite 200 in Soldier's Field Office Plaza, Greenview Drive SW (site where the Fetzer used to be headquartered).

Stopped in to see my little niece and nephew yesterday and today and brought ... cookies! It was their mom's birthday today. ;-)

Let's meet Francis Whalen, who was a guest speaker at the RTC annual banquet:

Family? Yes, wife and son 10.


Languages you speak? Still learning English.

How did you get started in running?O-B-E-S-I-T-Y. Fear of the Reaper and surgeon's knife.

Miles per week on average?Embassingly, ~10. But hopefully will increase this year.

Your defacto, comfortable as a broken-in shoe training route? Silver Lake NE dirt road-fantastic road, hills, perfect 10 miles from/to home.

How often do you run it? Not enough, once a week.

Favorite carbo loading food? Spagetti

Favorite indulgence food? Chocolate-special occasions.

Next race? Bataan March (pictured, 2007), then Rochester 1/2. (And actually, he and son Peter did the Fetzer 2-mile.)

Running goals? Run a 'good race' and maintain a heart rate of ~140.

Running dream? My wife, son and I running in a race.

Cheers. Tomorrow is a running day for me. Hu-rah!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Blow Me Away

5 miles outside today. Whoo hoo! Knee isn't perfect, but it's slowly getting better. ;-) It's not beautiful, but it got me from Hopkinton to Boston. I guess that's beautiful in some kind of weird way...

In case you're interested... Still a little bruising on the front below the knee and on the side. (The camera angle makes the kneecap look bigger than it actually is.)

I think we're going to have to nail down everything in sight for registration for the Duathlon this evening, as it's taking place outdoors. Chili and cornbread for supper tonight. ;-)

God dag. (Good day in Norwegian.)

Enough already!!!

It's almost May and we're probably talking single digit wind chills. Frigid west wind. Blowing snow. Freezing bridge decks. Enough already! Bring on spring!! Not a large crowd today for the marathon training run this morning. Can't say as I blame them. It was pretty cold standing there pouring fluids. Everything was blowing away on me.

New threads at Running Room. I have a couple tops on hold--a black Nike sleeveless zip top with a back pocket and a RPL turquoise sleeveless top. Two colors of Nike Tempo track shorts in stock. My favorite shorts. Love 'em.

Marathon photos:

Well, I guess I'll decide what I'm going to do for exercise today. Inside or outside...

Have a good one. Cape Cod photos tomorrow.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Arbor Day

Save the earth ... plant a tree! And isn't this weather just fine???? Winter storm warning yet again for other parts of the state. Cold, windy, wet here for the next week. Lovely. Just lovely.

Nice article in the Post-Bulletin tonight about new Med-City Marathon race director Teresa Byland . Maybe I should say Teresa bYland. ;-) She works for the Y and the Y now owns the marathon.

I still have all the newspapers to read from when I was gone, but noticed this nice article about Lin Gentling on the front of one section as I was flipping through. Runner extraordinaire.

The RTC website is back up. There was some problem with a temporary file, I guess. Our sincere apologies for all the downtime. This is not what we want for our website users. Hopefully, this will be the end of the outages.

Tomorrow, Kit Hawkins and I will be staffing the water stops for the marathon training class. We've done our long run (or jog/walk in my case) for the week. On the docket: 16 miles. I'm making some M&M cookies. I hope they're at least palatable. I discovered I didn't have enough all-purpose flour (I was just at the store!) so had to substitute some whole wheat pastry flour and some ground oats. Argh. Oh well, it's the thought that counts, right? (Just took out the first pan. They're not how they usually are. They're spreading. And some fell off the edge of the cookie sheet... I'll bring them anyway.)

Tomorrow, I'm also helping at registration for the WinterBeGone! Duathlon. 5-7 in Oronoco. Track & Field on ESPN2 on Saturday 1-3 pm. Live from PA.

Seven State 20K records were set at the Fetzer, despite the weather. Congratulations to RTC members Marie Boyd, Mary Chestolowski, Deb Thomford and Sandra Dalquist for their record-setting runs! I've requested a new Fetzer slideshow be posted on the Fetzer web page Check back there on Monday. Hopefully it will be updated.

Well, I did just what I said I wouldn't do. I registered for the Twin Cities Marathon today. Monday as I'm walking toward Boston, I'm thinking, this is it. I'm not cut out to participate in marathons. I'm never doing this again. How quickly we forget ... I also didn't want my personal worst to be my personal last either. ;-)

Next week I'm off to the RRCA convention in Cincinnati to pick up the award for RTC News. Registered for the 10K which is part of the Flying Pig Marathon, but will just run it for fun, not time. I wanted some kind of pig stuff--finishers medal, shirt, whatever.

I read Water for Elephants, our April book club selection, while I was gone. In the end, I ended up liking it and I think it will make for good discussion, but it was kind of a downer. What a life the circus performers led. Especially sad for the main character in the book.

OK. I finally got Photobucket to create slideshows again. Their interface changed and after I rebooted my PC, it's working again.

So, where was I??? Sunday I believe. First, I've included a slideshow for Friday, below.

Saturday's activities--sightseeing. More photos.

The Olympic Trials was probably the highlight of my trip. Such a privilege to watch those supremely talented women run a marathon. Congratulations to our Women's Marathon Olympic Marathon team for Beijing in August: Deena Kastor, Magdalena Lewy Boulet.

Photobucket is now acting up again. Shame on you, Photobucket! I'll have to try again tomorrow for more slideshows.

I'll quickly recap my marathon. Lots and lots of issues. It had been cloudy all morning and the sun came out at 10:00 and the temps went up quite a bit (the 6:00 news said it was 69 at 10:00 in Hopkinton and 52 at the finish in Boston), but weather wasn't really an issue. I did get a bit of a sunburn due to all the sun, however. Anyway, from the get-go, I just wasn't into this marathon. I was looking at my GPS even before mile marker one. The injuries, the lack of training, just didn't bode well for any kind of decent finish.

My knee started bothering me at 16 miles. Every time my left foot hit the pavement, it sent like a shockwave of pain through the lateral aspect of my left knee. There was no way I could, or would have tried, running 10 miles in that condition. So since it didn't hurt to walk, I started walking. Then at 17 miles, cramp in my left adductor (inner thigh). Big time. I can tolerate the calf, hamstring, ankle, foot, whatever cramps pretty much silently. But the adductor makes me cry out in pain. Feels like someone put an ice pick through my leg. Some spectators told me there was a first aid station right around the corner. Hallelujah. I made a bee line for the red cross. They asked me to try to lay down, but I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get up due to the prospect of seizing and not being able to get back up. (It's happened before. TCM.) The best thing for me to do for the cramps is to try to walk them off. Stretching just sends the opposing muscles into spasms. Some guy tried to massage it a bit but he wasn't in the right spot and I didn't want to stand still any longer. So I paced through the medical area and a volunteer followed me--she said she didn't want me to go down, which was fine. I took a piece of hard candy after a bit and asked how far to the next medical tent. They said about a mile. Having been through this cramping thing many times before, I didn't know if I could make it a mile, but thought I'd try. If they got worse and other muscles got involved it would be a very long mile indeed.

I headed out and started taking in more calories. I'd had a couple of gel packs and half a Mr. Freeze by this time and a few electrolyte capsules and plenty of Gatorade. I'd been at 2 port-a-potties already. For whatever reason, my bladder seemed to have gone haywire along with everything else. I was stopping at every port-a-potty I could find. Sometimes I had to wait, sometimes not. So I took 4 orange slices, a Fig Newton, some jelly beans, and several Jolly Ranchers (thank you spectators!) over the next few miles. Also kept taking in Gatorade. After a few more miles the cramping stopped. By the time I got to Boylston Street, I'd stopped at 12 or 13 port-a-potties. Another record. By about 10 stops. Also, due to the extensive walking I developed blisters. I had a monster of a blood blister on my left little toe after having walked 3 hours, which had made maintaining a 15 minute walking pace impossible. I got a photo of the lovely little blister, but won't share it. ;-) It started on the top of the toe and went around and across the bottom. Also lost a layer of skin on the balls of my feet. I've not trained to walk that far and think I was having some shoe issues too. These asics 2130s haven't been my friend thus far. I first wore them the day I fell. Looking back, would I have done it again? Amazingly, yes. It was all about the coat. I bought one on Sunday and didn't want to wear it without having finished the race, so that's what kept me going. The coat. And my dad. I didn't want them to have come up from Florida only to not be able to see me finish. I persevered to the finish despite everything that was going on with my body. I acquired the killer attitude, finish-no-matter-what attitude Tom Williamson said I needed ;-), and made it to the finish. My dad and I were a bit emotional--he from worry about where I was, me for finally being done. I'm more proud of that medal than any other. By a long shot.

Thank you to all the wildly cheering running fans who lined the course on Monday. All. Day. Long. You're unreal. You're the best marathon fans. Even as late as I was coming in the crowds were still fantastic. They still cheer you on even though they'd been yelling for hours. I managed a smile and thank you to the ones who specifically cheered for me, even though I was walking. It's amazing.

OK, so it wasn't a quick recap. I carried my camera. I'll post photos of the run, and more sightseeing including Cape Cod, over the weekend.

Let's meet Tish (Patricia) Torchia:

Family: Mike, Tish, Mikey, Katy, Kelsey, Sarah, Ian and Birkie!
Hobbies: Most anything OUTSIDE; cooking, reading and traveling-- inside or outside!
Languages: English 10% of time, Portuguese/French/Spanish 10% of time and mumbling to myself 80% of time!
How did you get started in runnning? I got started running in high school, but really learned to enjoy it when the kids were born... running with them in strollers and as they got older, running WITH them. Now I just run behind them!
Miles per week on average? No set miles per week-- just run when I get a chance to run and the distance depends on how I am feeling.. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 and up, if I'm really feeling great!
Your defacto, comfortable as a broken-in shoe training route? Mayowood with my dog Birkie
Favorite carbo loading food? Spaghetti with my vegetarian sauce
Favorite indulgence food? Cadbury chocolate
Next race? Some marathon this spring, not sure which one. If no one shows up, then TC in the fall.
Running goals? My ONLY running goals are to remain healthy AND enjoy my running
Running dream? ... Someday I'm going to do Big Sur, perhaps with one or some of my kids!-- hopefully this is not a dream, but a reality in the not so distant future!

See 'ya.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Boston Travelogue, Part 1

I have no idea what the status of the RTC website is or when the projected up-time is. Sorry. I wish it was up to. There was to have been a meeting this morning about it but I haven't heard any outcome. Contact RTC president/webmaster David Sletten for information.

There's still plenty of time to register for the RTC Spring Classic 5K and 15K on May 3 at Soldier's Field at 8:30 am. Not ready for the 15k? Take in the 5K!! Jean's famous monster cookies shall be your just reward! And a technical shirt. And I know they've put in a request for great weather as well! ;-) 15K is part of the RTC Grand Prix Series. 5K is part of the RTC Youth Grand Prix Series. Entry forms at Running Room as well. Be there.

Great foodie blogger -- beautiful photos, very talented cake decorator and wonderful sounding recipes. Thank you Kelly Lyndgaard for passing it along. Certainly worth bookmarking.

From Paul Thomford: Boston winner had/has malaria and still ran 2:07

So. I left for Boston early on Friday morning. Pretty uneventful flight to Chicago then on to Boston. My dad and stepmom were there at the hotel already, which was nice. We were all checked in and there were some familiar faces waiting for me. I still hadn't decided whether I'd run. Though there is and was still a bump on the knee, I was able to lie on my left side without knee pain and it wasn't quite so sensitive to touch and was up to about 90 degrees flexion. But I knew I didn't have the training to run any kind of decent marathon. Not even close. But I still had 2 days to decide.
I took in the Expo on Friday. It was nice and quiet. Relatively. There are SO many people in town on marathon weekend that quiet is certainly relative. But it wasn't shoulder to shoulder people like it was on Saturday, when I next stopped by. So. The jacket. As I mentioned before, it was all about the jacket. I hadn't bought an Image Impact 'official' jacket in prior years and kind of wanted one this year, even though I thought it was a bit shiny. But I didn't want a jacket for a race that I didn't finish, so I didn't buy one.

We took in some of the downtown sights the rest of the afternoon. Beautiful Old South Church.

Boston Public Garden/Boston Common.

Sunday was the Trials. Deena. Joanie. More on that tomorrow. I must chill now. But here's a preview. You can see Blake Russell (black bundies/top), Deena Kastor (white hat), Mary Akor (long sleeves) and I think Elva Dryer (lime/bright blue, though she didn't finish). It was a thrill for me ...

Sleep tight.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm baaacccckkkk!

Quick, quick update. First off, the person to contact regarding questions, comments or complaints about RTC website outages is president and webmaster David Sletten

Congrats to all the Boston runners! You did great and I celebrate your successes!! It was great to see some of you out there for the Women's Trials (which was a definite highlight for me) and for the pasta feed. I had a wonderful vacation with my Dad and stepmom, who drove up from Florida.

I did finish Boston, but it took me most of the day. It was all about the coat. More on that later.

The first decision was whether to attempt it, which I obviously did. Then I had to deal with everything that the day, and my body, presented to me. It was quite a bit. Let's just say that I walked from 28K (about mile 16) to the finish, visited a couple medical tents and visited the port-a-potties at least 12 times. (I lost count...they all look pretty much the same. ;-) It was one thing after another ... but I got there. I am more proud of, and had to work harder for, that medal than any other medal I've every received.

Tons of photos to sort through as well. Hope Photobucket lets me create some albums now.

Talk at you later.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's Getting Close ...

Well, pretty soon the rubber will meet the road. Maybe. I went out for a couple of miles yesterday and it didn't feel so great. Just nothing in my legs. The last few days my IT band (?) has been sore at the place it inserts at the knee. Or maybe something else in that location. It's sore to the touch even. I just don't know if this marathon is meant to be. I'm leaving in the early morning tomorrow. Now I just have to decide if I'd have a better time watching the elites and my friends run and spending the time with my dad and step-mom or if I should give it a try myself not knowing how my body will handle this. I just don't know. I just know that I don't want to give up a season, or risk further injury, for a marathon I'm just not hyped up to run. I'll have to decide by Sunday. If I don't run, I'll turn in my chip and number and still have eligibility next year. But I can't see signing up for this thing again. It's my nemesis. But in a way, they all are. ;-0

Here's a link to Hiromi Walleser's website. Posted are 260 Fetzer photos! Thank you Hiromi for being out there on a blustery, nasty day.

TCM registration opens at 12:01 am on Friday.

BTW ... according to the Winona Daily News the Fetzer female winner, Rachel Rich, qualified for and will run the Olympic marathon trials and qualifed to run as an elite runner ('A' standard).

The newsletter is at the printer. Hopefully, it will be printed while I'm gone but I haven't gotten a proof yet. In any case, if you've gotten a membership renewal letter or two, and/or an email reminder, and you intend to renew please send it in. We're spending lots of time, postage and paper on this effort. We've kept some of you on the newsletter mailing list but aren't going to do this forever. It's not fair to the paying members. Thank you for your attention to this.

Running Room 20-Minute Challenge will take place on July 16 at 6:00 pm. It's free and you get a hat! All you have to do is walk or run for 20 minutes. Last year, I walked. I was probably injured (again!). Sign up before all the hats are spoken for!

Also, Running Room is putting on a new Tri Clinic, led by RTC member Chris Koch. It starts April 22. More information at the store or by email. Instructors are also needed for upcoming clinics. Talk to Paula if you're interested!

Beer Run coming up on Thursday, April 24 at 5:30 pm at O'Neil's Pizza Pub. It's not really about the run for this one. It's social and all are welcome!

From RTC member Reggie Oeltjen: My 5 year old great niece has undergone a stem cell implant procedure for a very rare disease related to MD. The implant did not take and they will have to try again. The procedure is similar to a bone marrow transplant. Her relatives are having a 10k run and 5K run walk fund raiser for her family on June 14th in Frontenac (near Lake City). Limited information here and Caring Bridge site. Sounds like a very worth cause. Thanks, Reggie.

Ryan Hall ran a 2:06:17 at the London Marathon. That bode's very well for a U.S. medal at the Olympics I'd think. Outstanding runner who makes it look so easy ... when it's anything but.

Chocolate Mint Bars were a hit at Cooking Light on Monday. And I know that Ron Giles approves of this recipe and would consider it a keeper. Right Ron??

Well, I just tried again to create a Photobucket slideshow for Fetzer and it won't let me. I don't know what the problem is. But I better wrap this up so I can pack and make supper.

Let's meet Mike Torchia who now runs for the U of M. I remember when he ran for 'All Comers'. ;-)

Family? I would say more of a tribe - Dad, Mom, Katy, Kelsey, Sarah, and Ian.
Hobbies? Epic games of monopoly, making stupid bets with roommates, and attempting to cook meals well beyond my ability level.
Languages you speak? English, broken Italian, swear words in Portuguese (complements of my mother)
How did you get started in running? The same way everyone else got involved- running away from girls in grade school.
Miles per week on average? 80
Your defacto, comfortable as a broken-in shoe training route? Its a toss-up: River Road to Lake Street or Ranger (Boom Island Park to Stone Arch Bridge)
How often do you run it? Around 4 times per week.
Favorite carbo loading food? Cake
Favorite indulgence food? Cake
Next race? 5000 meters at Arizona State
Running goals? School record in the 5000 meters (13:44) and 10,000 meters (28:24), All-American in cross country and track
Running dream? London, 2012, marathon.

Until next week.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Windy, or what??

To be sure!! I'm going to run a couple of miles in the morning I think. Hope these gale force winds subside a bit. I sent out a Fetzer 20K online survey. So far, respondents: had a positive experience at the race (despite the weather, though they're hoping for better next year), liked the equalizer, prefer the prize money to be split up, prefer long-sleeved Ts to short-sleeved technical shirts, and would consider running it in the future. 2 or 3 commented that they didn't like the out-and-back, out-and-back nature of the course. Since I'm going to probably reverse the first mile, which requires recertification, I might take the first loop out on Salem Road and keep the second out-and-back, but will probably have to move the turnaround further towards downtown. I also might eliminate the footbridge. It's hard for the lead bikers to navigate, especially when wet. Anyway, I thought about running part of the possible redesign of the first part of the course in the morning to see what the mileage is. If anyone has feedback about this design, certainly pass it along. I hate to keep changing courses, but want to try to please the masses, which is hard, and keep it safe.

Still hope to create a Fetzer photo slideshow to post here. Just need more time. Pam King gave me lots of great photos last night at Cooking Light. Most are of the 2-mile. There are some really great shots. She's a whiz with a lens. Speaking of Cooking Light, it would be difficult to choose a favorite last night. Everything was really, really good. We were at Barb Giles' house. I forgot to take photos. Can you believe it? Next month, my house.

One more Fetzer comment ... someone mentioned running out of food (there was LOTS of food, actually, and some of everything left over). But what was mentioned was the homemade cookies and people commenting on being disappointed that they'd missed them. I had made cookies for my volunteers and after the race, put what was left over on the food table. So I actually didn't make enough for more than just the volunteers, but a few, a very few, runners did get one. I'd considered making cookies for everyone, but don't know that I'd have enough time. I'll have to talk to Jean Murray and see how she gets all those monster cookies baked for the Spring Classic. They're homemade, they're loaded, and they're delicious!

Speaking of upcoming races ... Spring Classic 5K and 15K are just around the corner on May 3. Beautiful run through the Mayowood Trail on the 15K when the bluebells (photo on title bar of my blog currently) are in bloom. They are unbelievable. Technical shirts this year. Jean's famous monster cookies. Both are part of the Grand Prix, either regular Grand Prix or the Youth Grand Prix.

I thought I'd show you what 'the shed' looks like. We rent two storage units in SW Rochester to keep our supplies in. This is a view of about half of it. We've been looking for someone to be in charge of check-out, check-in of the equipment. If anyone out there is so inclined to volunteer for this job, we'd be much obliged. Jeff Rabatin used to be our 'shedmeister' and since then, the board has split the duties by month.

From Pete Martin: I have had a room at the Comfort Inn Canal Park in Duluth for several years now, but this June, for the first time in eight years, I will not be able to travel up to Duluth that weekend in June, to run Grandma's. So the room is for sale. It's right there at the Finish Line and everything else in Canal Park for that weekend. It's booked for Friday & Saturday night, it's a suite with a king bed and sleeper sofa, with whirlpool, overlooking Lake Superior. Close to buses on Race Day, and only minutes away from the Expo at the D.E.C.C., by foot. If this is of interest, please contact Pete Martin. First come, first served! (I've stayed there before for the Northshore Inline. It's very nice.)

Very nice Fetzer photos in the Post-Bulletin on Monday. Thank you, Paul Christian!

We have another RTC blogger ... Jim Mason with his Chester Woods Trail Run blog. He's doing a nice job. I look forward to running that race this year.

Last night at a TreadMan Duathlon meeting I gave Henry Walker his second place Fetzer medal. So ... let's get to know Henry, another all around very nice, and very athletically gifted, individual:

Family? Wife and two boys ages 3 and 5

Hobbies? Wood working, hunting, archery, nordic skiing, reading, outdoors (camping etc.)

Languages you speak? English, and sometimes I translate 3 year old pretty well but I’m not fluent.

How did you get started in running?A jolly art teacher who was over weight but wasn’t pushy convinced me I should come out and have fun in track and I’ve never looked back since. Before finishing school I held several high school records in various events. Track had a profound influence in my life and running became an escape from living in a challenging childhood environment.

Miles per week on average?Varies a lot – once a week runs during the Nordic ski season of 4 – 5 miles. During the crummy weather days I get in three or four runs a week – usually at least 3-5 miles distance but intensity varies a lot. One day I’ll maybe run a total of 30 minutes doing 4 repeats of Viola Hill. Other days I pole hike/run two hours really easy. I try to mix it up a lot and I get very little time in but do my best to be efficient and have a plan.

Your defacto, comfortable a broken-in shoes? Asics Kayano series

How often do you run in them? Always, I once threw on a new pair before Twin Cities Marathon – no problem.

Favorite carbo loading food? No carbo-loading for me, it can be really tricky and needs to be done right for it to actually work. At my level of racing I feel its not worth trying tactics out side of keeping a normal diet.

Favorite indulgence food? Excess of all foods – but a couple pints of Ben and Jerry’s doesn’t hurt a thing.

Next race? Hopefully the Fetzer for the fist time – depends on a number of factors. It would help to get a run in over 5 miles all at once before then. Not that I don’t enjoy running but it takes time to adapt from skate skiing all winter without causing injury.

Running goals? Keep my girlish figure. But of more importance, maintain strength, keep aerobic capacity and use it as a cross training activity. Running is an excellent support mechanism to skiing or other sports.

Running dream? To be running in my 80’s.

Thought for the day: "Year may wrinkle the skin, but to give up interest wrinkles the soul." --Douglas MacArthur

Sweet dreams.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Here comes the sun...

Isn't it wonderful to see the sun? And more spring-like weather? Hallelujah! Too bad it didn't come on Saturday. This will be a quick post. I have a TreadMan duathlon meeting at 5:00 and Cooking Light at 6:30. Busy, busy, busy!

Thank you to everyone for the positive feedback on the Fetzer. Nothing but rave reviews about the Equalizer format, so that will return for next year. Hopefully, the weather will not! I plan to run the first loop in the opposite direction to alleviate the interweaving of the runners at that first corner. I'll have to recertify the course. Also, apologies that all my course markings/arrows disappeared. I didn't realize it until I got out to the water stop and discovered that the arrows were gone. In previous years, the marks have stayed around for months. I guess that doesn't hold true for wet pavement. I still have to work on a slideshow. Just can't get it done today.

Congrats to Peg Arnold for earning the 'Employee of the Year' at Running Room. This includes almost 100 stores throughout Canada and the 6 US stores. Way to go Peg! You deserve it. You work very hard, very long hours, and put in lots of time on the road.

From Tom O'Leary: MSNBC story about a 101 year old first time marathoner. Wow. Good for him. Might as well run a marathon while you're still young!

Cooking Light menu for tonight:
Smoked Salmon Dip (Pam King)
White Sangria (Kelly Lyndgaard)
Spotted Puppies (golden raisin soda bread) and Chocolate Mint Brownies (me)
Decadent Double-Chocolate Bundt Cake
Apricot, Plum and Chicken Tangine with Olives over Couscous (Barb Giles)
Spinach Salad with Maple-Dijon vinaigrette (Kathryn)
Curry-spiced Sweet Potatoes
As usual, I'm sure it will be a wonderful meal. Wonderful company.

I ran 9.41 miles yesterday, my first run since my knee injury. Went pretty well; no pain except going down steep hills. But no swelling afterward or any other nasty after-effects, so I guess Boston is a go. I just want to finish. I'm more excited for the trip than running the marathon, truth be told, because my training has been so hampered this year.

Still working on the newsletter. With the Boston trip, then 10 days later the trip to Cincinnati for the RRCA convention, I'm hoping to have it in the mail for May 1, but no promises. I'll do all I can to make it happen, though. Still have some loose ends that need finishing up for the Fetzer.

Let's meet Roger Vos:
Family? Wife Lisa, Children Rachel (10) Derek (9) &Jenna (7)
Hobbies? Reading, NASCAR, Triathlons
Languages you speak? English
How did you get started in running? I ran crosscountry in High school - not very fast & never on Varsity. I kept active playing basketball andvolleyball. In 2005, my sister in law talked me into doing a triathlon. I decided I better try a few running races to get ready. My first race was the 2005 Komen Race for the Cure (my wife is a 6 year survivor as of Feb. 2008). It kind of snowballed from there as a friend asked if wanted to run a marathon that fall. I signed up and got a lot of advice from Ron Giles. Since the first race I have completed several 5K and 5 mile races, 3 half marathons and 3 marathons (Twin Cities 2005, Chicago 2007 &Jacksonville 2008). In addition I have finished several triathlons including a half ironman.
Miles per week on average? 20-30 of running in addition to 3 times of swimming and 2 times on thebike.
Your defacto, comfortable as a broken-in shoe training route? A 7 mile loop from my house around East Side Lake in Austin - starting at 4:30 in the morning with others crazy enough to join me.
How often do you run it? Every other week
Favorite carbo loading food? Traditional meal the night before a race - Ham & Cheese Omelete, Pancakes, Hash Browns and a big glass of Chocolate Milk.
Favorite indulgence food? Pizza
Next race? Boston Marathon
Running goals? I haven't set any new ones - my latest was to qualify for Boston which I did in February at the Jacksonville FL Run With Donna.
Running dream? To run the Boston Marathon.

Gotta run!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A very full day indeed ...

Winnie the Pooh comes to mind today.

Oh the wind is lashing lustily
And the trees are thrashing thrustily
And the leaves are rustling gustily
So it's rather safe to say
That it seems that it may turn out to be
It feels that it will undoubtedly
It looks like a rather blustery day, today
It sounds that it may turn out to be
Feels that it will undoubtedly
Looks like a rather blustery day today
--Winnie the Pooh, Hum for a Blustery Day

Blustery, indeed! I did a fair amount of running around out there running to and fro, school to finish line, to the school, to the water stop, to the finish line, and back to the school, and back to the finish line and back to the school, ... and it looked worse from indoors than it actually was outdoors. Running north to the waterstop was a bit brisk, for sure and for certain, and I heard that it was pretty nippy around the golf course.

My oh my, what a very full day. I'm still trying to decompress. Still so full of adrenaline. So I'm sitting here with my iPod on, listening to American Idol songs (go David Archuletta--what a pure voice) looking at Fetzer photos (see the RTC website for some of Hiromi Walleser's photos and here for Lionel's photos, some of which were taken literally on the run.) I took 150+ but unfortunately none at the finish line as I was trying to figure out what to do about the 2-mile results which weren't available until an hour ago so no awards were handed out, and soothe a rather upset parent. I felt very bad, it was not planned that way, but it happened. Lesson learned. The 2-mile must be scored by someone other than the chip timer (2 mile didn't end up being chip timed). Too much overlap in the events. Anyway, I'll create a photobucket album or two and post at a later time.

We never will forget our hero of the wet
Our quick thinking unsinking Pooh bear
And Piglet who indeed helped out a friend in need
For truly they're the heros of the day
So we say Hip Hip Hooray for the Piglet and the Pooh
Piglet and Pooh are our heros for deeds of bravery and generosity
Hip Hip Horray
Hip Hip Horray
Hip Hip Horray for Winnie the Pooh
--Winnie the Pooh, Hero Party

First of all, hats off to all the 'Piglets and Poohs', my wonderful volunteers. (Little did I know how appropriate those hats would be today! Better keep them on, come to think of it.) So many of them stayed from 7 am until 11 or 12 o'clock. Pictured: Sudhakar Karlapudi, Paul Anderson, me, John Resman.

They did any little random thing I asked of them. They stood out in the cold handing out water or giving directions or scoring the race. And I can't tell you what a treat it is to have someone(s) there to help me load up all the leftovers when everyone else has left. By that time, I'm just bone tired and just want to collapse. More mentally tired than anything.

Thank you to everyone that showed up and ran. 59 runners registered Friday and Saturday, so I had 260 entered. The weather kept many at home, I'm sure.

The first female finisher, Rachel Rich, ran a heck of a race. 1:17:11 for 6:13 pace. According to my husband who was the lead cyclist for the guys, she was finally passed at 11 miles, by the community gardens. He said he told her he felt very sad having to pass her. Heck of a runner. Don't think I got a photo of her. And BTW: Thank you to Dave Morrill for taking start line photos for me while I was gabbing on the megaphone.

The winner is a Kenyan, William Serem grey l/s top above, who runs for a club in Coon Rapids. Very smooth, strong runner. He won in 1:04:30 for 5:12 pace. I can't run 1/4 mile at 5:12 pace, thank you very much. Ted said he took no fluids during the race.

Thank you Deb Thomford for the very kind comments when I was feeling rather distraught about the 2-mile results situation. You made my day. So did the gal who said 'I love you blog'. And "Believe it or not, even with as cold as it was, I had a blast. It was fun cheering the runners on while driving the cart. :-) "--Ken Bowar, the Sweep How nice. Challenge yourself to volunteer at least once this year. It's even more fun when the weather is pleasant!

All my yellow course arrows from yesterday were totally gone today. Last year, the marks stayed around for months, through many rain storms. Not this year. I'm still trying to determine what to do for next year--Equalizer or not? If so, I'm thinking of giving $300 to the first finisher and $200 to the first finisher of the other gender. Much to ponder. Chip timing is a very big financial investment. I might also redo the first loop and run the opposite direction to avoid the traffic jam at that first corner. Good idea Henry Walker. ;-)

It's now 10:13 and I really must chill. More later.


Friday, April 11, 2008

The Finish Line

The Show must go on!
Yeah!The Show must go on!
I'll face it with a grin!
I'm never giving in!
On with the show!
--Queen, The Show Must Go On

Well, for me as a race director, this is the finish line. On with the show! All the preparations are done: my innumerable lists are printed, volunteers are lined up, supplies from my house are ready to be loaded on the truck (my house feels so empty!),

... and I haven't even been to the shed yet for the equipment. It takes a lot of 'stuff' to put on a race, to be sure. I have to pick up the rolls from Great Harvest, then it's down to Running Room for registration/packet pick-up from 5-8 this evening. I just heard on KROC AM--'chance of light snow tonight. Chance of light snow tomorrow.' This is sounding better and better. SOOOOO glad I don't live in Duluth or Alec (Alexandria). They're getting pounded with a blizzard. So far here, just rain.

... and the cookies are baked, awaiting their rightful owners!

We are at 202 registrations. Allison Benike was lucky #200 to register. ;-)

I have a 'Hero for the Day'. Jean Murray. Jean is herself getting ready for Spring Classic as co-race director. She is working on RTC advertising for 'rochester' magazine. She just called to say she'd picked up the room key for our timer. She's putting out cones in the morning before she comes over to the school. She's volunteered before the race. Thank you so much, Jean.

Nice article on Jen Bradt Jen Bradt in the Post Bulletin last night. She's really a nice gal and runs the long runs with us sometimes on the weekend.

Jennifer Koski, Post-Bulletin columnist, invited me to a Belly Dancing fundraiser. How fun would that be? It would mean, however, baring my midrif to other women. However, it's during the time I'll be at the RRCA convention in Cincinnati. Bummer. Would have been fun.

I went to the doctor yesterday for my knee. He did all kinds of bending and what not to my leg to determine the extent of the injury, as well as took an Xray. No ligament or bone damage. Just soft tissue as far as he can tell (pre-patellar (sp?) bursa injury). I should be able to run Boston. However, there is still some swelling at the top of the kneecap which makes bending it painful. I'll just see how it goes after Fetzer is done and make the final determination next week. But all in all, good news. Could have been much worse.

Let's meet Paul Thomford:

Family?...... wife Deb, 3 boys : Marcus, Matt and Ryan

Hobbies?......... running, traveling, landscaping and tree planting.

Languages you speak......... just English

How did you get started in running....... trying to lose weight

Miles per week on average?............ 50

Your defacto, comfortable as a broken-in shoe training route Douglas Trail

How often do you run it?.......... on cool fall Sunday mornings

Favorite carbo loading food? Pizza

Favorite indulgence food? Ice Cream

Next race? 20K of course, then the Brookings Marathon.

Running goals? stay healthy and keep marathoning

Running dream?............ finish a 30 Mile training run with Tom O'Leary

Time to get the truck! See you at the Fetzer!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

3 Days and Counting

Well, in three days the 27th Fetzer will be history. The weather doesn't sound the greatest, but at least we're not in the Twin Cities or north where they're going to get upwards of 10". Hopefully, not too much will stick to the bike path ... just the grassy areas. There is a very nice article in tonight's Post-Bulletin about two runners running in memory of Jane Nigon, who ran last year, and was killed earlier this year in a car accident. 194 runners have pre-registered. A big thank you to Sudhakar Karlapudi who's going to help from set-up to tear-down and to Lana Lappi for being the go-to person for the 2-Mile. And of course, to all the volunteers. You're the best. I am excited for the race. It's rewarding to see everything come together. That's why we do it.

Run Fat Boy Run is now playing at the Wehrenberg theaters Wehrenberg Theaters and the Chateau Theaters. One of the characters ends up running the London Marathon ...

Lots of new gear at Running Room. From Paula: Our spring apparel sale is going on now! There are still many sizes and styles to choose from! Come in and see what we have that you can't live without!! We also have a huge inventory of new spring apparel! Mizuno, Asics, Pearl Izumi, MPG, Saucony, Nike, Brooks and soon to come new spring Running Room Private Label. We had a sneak peek last week in Canada of the RPL and it’s a great new color! We have a wide variety of skorts in this year! Among all of the different brands there is a cut and length to suite each and every gal!!

Cat in the RTC shed update: K.C. Reed indicates that animal control is going to do a search warrant to remove the cat legally. We'll keep you posted. Thank you Jean for looking out for the cat's best interests. ;-)

Knee update: I'm now thinking that with the swelling and bruising way down, but something still 'not right', that I might have some ligament damange. It's on the outside of my knee and is tender to the touch. The joint is/has been stable and I've always been able to bear weight on it. But I think I'm going to the doc and see what they can tell me. Boston isn't looking too good right now. I'm very disappointed.

Let's meet Fred Woolman, co-director for All Comers' and Chester Woods:

Family? I have two wonderful sons, 3 beautiful granddaughters and 1 great grandson.
Hobbies? I dabble a lot ... reading is the top of my list. Other stuff is playing golf, running, biking, blading, fixing my house/yard up, getting better on my guitar and getting back into water color painting.
Languages you speak? Minnesota English and fractured French.
How did you get started in running? One night 38 years ago I had a dream where someone was yelling at me: "Run Fred, Run!!" So I started running and have never stopped...and don't ever plan to.
Miles per week on average? I don't measure miles... I just go... I mean I usually know about how far I go but I think of it in terms of time-not miles. I try to make my runs "holistic"...
Your defacto, comfortable as a broken-in shoe training route? From my house on Elton Hills to practically any place in Rochester -- usually always includes a loop around Silver Lake though.
How often do you run it? I've been re-habing my toe surgery the last five months so things got backed off some and besides I don't keep track. Lately though it's been three times a week plus the Saturday run.
Favorite carbo loading food? Toast with peanut butter and jelly washed down with a big glass of Carnation breakfast drink.
Favorite indulgence food? To many to list .... but the top of the list is real vanilla ice cream...(not the fake stuff)
Next race? The Fetzer -- what else???
Running goals? 1) To keep running - forever, 2) Keep up with Dick Westerlund during a marathon someday, 3) Qualify for Boston, 4) Keep beating younger runners
Running dream? Get my conditioning back up to the point where when I run I feel like I'm floating along effortlessly totally at one with the world... :-)

Next up, Tish Torchia.

Thought for the day: "Friendship is a cozy shelter from life's rainy (and snowy) days."


Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Monday

Congrats to everyone that ran the Fool's Five yesterday. Rochester runners did really well. Results at Fool's Five results. It's a very worthwhile cause and they do a great job in Lewiston. Thank you to Jim Mason and K.C. Reed for promoting the RTC and Chester Woods.

Several of us running "Baastin" got together yesterday at Whistle Binkies to compare notes, share information, make plans to hook up in Beantown, etc. One of us even got carded. One guess who it was ... He's married and has a son. One dream I have is to once again get carded in my lifetime. Betcha it doesn't happen ...

Chris O'Brien set a pace P.R. at Altoona, WI Spring Fever 6 & 2 mile run. Chris ran the 2-mile. She also got second place! Way to go, Chris! It's always a good day when you set a P.R. She looks very stylish in her RTC jacket as well.

We had a Fetzer packet stuffing extravaganza this evening at my house. We were done in 45 minutes! Thank you to Jean Murray, Julie Murray, Sonja Kranz, Kit Hawkins, Bill Nevala, Jodi Bates, Mike Schmitt, Laura Lenz for doing a superior job! All my volunteers got hats (pictured) and freshly made Oatmeal Super Chocolate Chunk cookies (or whatever the recipe was called in the P-B last week). Start list will be updated daily this week. Hope to see you all on Saturday!

My house looks like a war zone. This week, it's all about the details. Lots and lots of details. Like ... telling the folks putting out some of the cones where the paint marks are on the path and what side of the path they're on. Making sure the 1-mile split timer gets his watch started when the gun goes off. Making sure the 2-mile turnaround cone gets put out. Sorting the pre-registered shirts so everyone that registered early gets the size they ordered. Signs, signs and more signs. The list is long ... Details, details, details.

I'd been at the shed today getting a few things and thought that it smelled like a cat litter box. Just after we finished stuffing bags, I got a call from Jean. She was at the shed and also smelled 'that smell', but there was a meow to go along with it. After (thankfully) determining the meow wasn't coming from our shed, she called me and told me about it. I called the number for the business, but got a recording. Jean was looking into calling animal control to see what could be done about this poor cat. A day in the life of a RTC board member ...

Here's a link from Mike Schmitt about Masai warriors running the London Marathon to raise money to find a water source in their homeland of Tanzania. They sound like extreme ultramarathoners to me. Thanks for the link Mike.

Well, my knee is getting better each day. The swelling is down quite a bit and the bruising is getting better. Range of motion is improving with the decrease in swelling. Haven't tried to run, but don't feel the need to push things. What's done is done. I'm in the shape I'm in and I'll just do the best I can with the cards I'm dealt.

Let's meet John Trolander. John was my son Eric's cross country coach at Mayo high school. He's really a great guy (pictured at left below along with coach, and new dad, Brett Carroll):

I'm married to my wife of 31 years, Maxine, who works at Mayo Clinic in microcomputer education. We have one son, Brian, who is currently working in Colorado as a snowboard instructor.
My hobbies include just about anything outdoors. I especially enjoy canoe trips in the BWCA as well as camping in the various state parks. In the winter I really enjoy both downhill and cross country skiing; a month ago I completed my tenth Birkebiener and hope to do many more.
Since retirement from the teaching profession, I've done some consulting work consisting of presenting to groups of teachers on various aspects of secondary reading. I taught a developmental reading class at RCTC last fall.
My best second language is 60's slang.
I always wanted to be a distance runner and got started competitively in high school. Typically, I'd run between 20 and 30 miles per week. When I was training last summer for the half marathon, I got up to 40-50 per week. There is only so much tread on a tire.
I like to run three days and then take a day off. The older you get the more recovery time you need.
I have a trail at home, we have a 3-4 acre lot, that I run on easy days. The ground is very soft and in the trees for cool summer running.
I probably do this about 2 times a week. I also ski on this in the winter.
Spaghetti is my favorite food period. Cheese snacks are hard to resist, (Cheetos, Doritos, Cheese Nips).
I don't race much. I'm entering the half marathon at Med City.
My dream right now is to run the New York City Marathon.

Thought for the day: "We are not at our best when we are perched at the summit; we are at our best climbing--even when the way is steep."


Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Friday!

Lots to report on today. Here we go!

Last night was the first trash pickup of 2008. Thank you to KC Reed, Tom O'Leary, Jean Murray, Julie Murray, Kevin Torgerson. With the southerly winds and the accumulation of a winter's worth of windblown stuff that accidentally gets left or dropped in various parking lots and roadsides, there were a record 11 bags of trash to be gathered up and hauled away. The following is a detailed analysis thanks to resident humorist Tom O'Leary:

Most popular beer amongst bottle drinkers Bud Light
Most popular beer from a can Mich Golden Light
Most popular pop can or bottle Mountain Dew
Most popular cigarette Marlboro
Most likely automotive part to fall off Hub Cap (runner up, any part of the tail light assembly )
Fast food chain making a comeback KFC (3 buckets!)
Most popular bicycle lock Masterlock
Most popular color of golf ball Tie between white and pink
Best Valentine card to survive winter Picture of a monkey with the words - Want to Monkey Around? Be Mine.
Most likely to strike gold Jean Murray (who found a signed, endorsed and uncashed check for $400)

KTTC story on a runner Christine Jacques, Lewiston native, who's going to run Fool's Five and has been diagnosed with MS.

Nice Post-Bulletin story about RTC member Brian Purrington who is now the new head coach for Century boys track & field.

Saw this New Balance commercial on TV the other day.

Thanks to Pete Schommer for passing along this story about a runner who has gotten the homeless involved and running and in the process has gotten donations of shoes and clothing if they remain sober. Very worthwhile effort. Thanks for the link, Pete!

April Running Room eMagazine available for downloading. This month, my French bread recipe (p. 14). Also included is a 20% off coupon good all month (p. 11).

From USATF Women's Marathon TV coverage:

TV Coverage
Sunday, April 27 - 12:00-1:00 p.m. ET - MSNBC (check local listings)

LIVE Webcast
The U.S. Olympic Team Trials for the Women's Marathon will be broadcast LIVE at NBCOlympics. The live webcast on April 20 will begin at 8:00 a.m. NBC Sports commentator Al Trautwig and 10-time NCAA All-American Ed Eyestone will provide commentary for the wire-to-wire coverage.

The guys that post on the MDRA Blog are very funny. Check out this morning's post about the giant pothole ...

Triathlon in Winona April 26 in Winona: 2.5 mile row/14 mile bike/5K run. THAT I'd consider. No swim.

Thank you to Jean Murray and Julie Murray and to Mary Chestolowski for each covering 2 water stops for the marathon training runs tomorrow.

Fetzer this 'n that: Got a box full of Fuel Belts in the mail to be used as door prizes. They're all the Revenge style and size M but they included a form so you can send it in in exchange for something different or a different size. Cookies for age-group winners were made yesterday and are in the freezer. THANK YOU to the 50+ volunteers who will make it possible for the event to even be held! That took a bunch of my time this week--getting the volunteers assigned their spots and instructions handed out. The T-shirts (20K and those that purchased them for the 2-Mile) and embroidered skull caps (for volunteers) are in:

When one is a race director, this is what your house starts to look like as race day approaches. This doesn't count the Gatorade/Propel in the dining room, the 350 boxes of Dippin' Stix or the 20 x 5-gallons of Culligan water:

I've had to rent a U-Haul to get all this stuff, plus all the stuff from the shed, down there. My little Honda just wouldn't cut it.

Knee update: It's coming along. I've been doing the RICE deal (Rest--Ice--Compression--Elevation.) The swelling is down markedly, but not completely. It's turning pretty colors. I've become sensitive to adhesive in recent years, so you can see a nice little patch of irritated skin where the most recent adhesive bandage was:

Though there's no pain other than the abrasion and from swelling, I don't feel like trying to run. I just want to be in Hopkinton on April 21, 10:30 a.m. ;-)

Let's meet Mark Wernstrom (there have been numerous photos):

Family? Wife - Mary, Son - Kyle (10) & Kallie the wonder dog (Golden Retriever).

Hobbies? Youth sports coach (soccer, basketball & baseball).

Languages you speak? English and a little bit of French.

How did you get started in running? To get in shape for college soccer. Time trials were 2 mi. in 12 minutes on the track.

Miles per week on average? Varies greatly throughout the year and depends on if I'm training for an event or not.

Your defacto, comfortable as a broken-in shoe training route? Mayowood or NW 10 miler on Wednesdays with whoever shows up at the Y at 5:15 AM.

How often do you run it? Wednesdays ;)

Favorite carbo loading food? Penne arriabata (Victoria's) and a good pale ale (Summit or Sierra Nevada).

Favorite indulgence food? Mary's wild rice soup or her chili.

Next race? Med City Marathon

Running goals? Keep on running so I can keep up with Kyle.

Running dream? To run and finish TCM 2010 with Jim, KC & Bobby K. Viva TCM 2010!!!

Next up, John Trolander (who was my son's CC coach at Mayo--great guy).

Thought for the day: "Happiness is a perfume you can't pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself."

Enjoy the warm sun--first day over 50 degrees since November 13. Yippee! I'm going to start the May newsletter now. Anyone out there have a favorite recipe they'e like to submit? Send it my way.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pray tell. What next.

Not a good day. I went for a run at 5:15 with Lisa, Mark and Bruce. All was well 'til we got up by Bruegger's. My toe caught a dirty clump of ice frozen to the sidewalk and down I went. Hard. My left knee caught most of the impact. It's amazing all the thoughts that can go through your mind in the 2 seconds it takes from being vertical to horizontal. Kept bleeding the 4 miles back to they Y, though there was no pain. There is now, due to the swelling. But it can bear weight just fine so I'm hoping I'm still going to make it to the start line in Hopkinton.

WARNING: This little slideshow contains photographs of actual blood. The contents may not be suitable for young children. I was told it was suitable for public viewing, however.

Here's an article from the NYTimes about the 'Runner's High' passed along by Mike Schmitt.

12 of us from Rochester are going to participate in the Ragnar Relay in August. Team members are: Mike Schmitt (captain), Suzanne LaPalm, Judy Weller, Kit Hawkins, John Shonyo, Laura Lenz, Todd Rowekamp, Tom Williamson, Renee Saxman, Pete Schommer, Angie Haugen, Lin Gentling. It's a 215-mile 24-hour/day stage race from LaCrosse to Minneapolis. I think it will be great fun.

Let's meet Mike Schmitt, RTC board member and all-around nice guy.

Jessica and Mike Schmitt at the Chicago marathon. Must not have been 2007. They have way to many clothes on.

Family? Wife Jessica, Son Benjamin 2 1/2 and yes we all run!

Hobbies? Running ;-), cooking, computers, backpacking, traveling

Languages you speak? English, German, and I "get by" in various other languages.

How did you get started in running? I was living in England and got bored.

Miles per week on average? 30 or so off season, 50 or so in season

Your defacto, comfortable as a broken-in shoe training route? West River Parkway, to the Zumbro River, down to Broadway and back home - 4.75 miles - Perfect!

How often do you run it?

Favorite carbo loading food? Rice Noodles usually in the form of Pho soup

Favorite indulgence food? Beer and ice cream - never together - yuck!

Next race? 112th Boston Marathon

Running goals? To inspire others the way I've been inspired to run the best you can everyday.

Running dream? To run all the World Marathon Majors ( Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York City ) 2 down, 3 to go :-D