Monday, April 14, 2008

Here comes the sun...

Isn't it wonderful to see the sun? And more spring-like weather? Hallelujah! Too bad it didn't come on Saturday. This will be a quick post. I have a TreadMan duathlon meeting at 5:00 and Cooking Light at 6:30. Busy, busy, busy!

Thank you to everyone for the positive feedback on the Fetzer. Nothing but rave reviews about the Equalizer format, so that will return for next year. Hopefully, the weather will not! I plan to run the first loop in the opposite direction to alleviate the interweaving of the runners at that first corner. I'll have to recertify the course. Also, apologies that all my course markings/arrows disappeared. I didn't realize it until I got out to the water stop and discovered that the arrows were gone. In previous years, the marks have stayed around for months. I guess that doesn't hold true for wet pavement. I still have to work on a slideshow. Just can't get it done today.

Congrats to Peg Arnold for earning the 'Employee of the Year' at Running Room. This includes almost 100 stores throughout Canada and the 6 US stores. Way to go Peg! You deserve it. You work very hard, very long hours, and put in lots of time on the road.

From Tom O'Leary: MSNBC story about a 101 year old first time marathoner. Wow. Good for him. Might as well run a marathon while you're still young!

Cooking Light menu for tonight:
Smoked Salmon Dip (Pam King)
White Sangria (Kelly Lyndgaard)
Spotted Puppies (golden raisin soda bread) and Chocolate Mint Brownies (me)
Decadent Double-Chocolate Bundt Cake
Apricot, Plum and Chicken Tangine with Olives over Couscous (Barb Giles)
Spinach Salad with Maple-Dijon vinaigrette (Kathryn)
Curry-spiced Sweet Potatoes
As usual, I'm sure it will be a wonderful meal. Wonderful company.

I ran 9.41 miles yesterday, my first run since my knee injury. Went pretty well; no pain except going down steep hills. But no swelling afterward or any other nasty after-effects, so I guess Boston is a go. I just want to finish. I'm more excited for the trip than running the marathon, truth be told, because my training has been so hampered this year.

Still working on the newsletter. With the Boston trip, then 10 days later the trip to Cincinnati for the RRCA convention, I'm hoping to have it in the mail for May 1, but no promises. I'll do all I can to make it happen, though. Still have some loose ends that need finishing up for the Fetzer.

Let's meet Roger Vos:
Family? Wife Lisa, Children Rachel (10) Derek (9) &Jenna (7)
Hobbies? Reading, NASCAR, Triathlons
Languages you speak? English
How did you get started in running? I ran crosscountry in High school - not very fast & never on Varsity. I kept active playing basketball andvolleyball. In 2005, my sister in law talked me into doing a triathlon. I decided I better try a few running races to get ready. My first race was the 2005 Komen Race for the Cure (my wife is a 6 year survivor as of Feb. 2008). It kind of snowballed from there as a friend asked if wanted to run a marathon that fall. I signed up and got a lot of advice from Ron Giles. Since the first race I have completed several 5K and 5 mile races, 3 half marathons and 3 marathons (Twin Cities 2005, Chicago 2007 &Jacksonville 2008). In addition I have finished several triathlons including a half ironman.
Miles per week on average? 20-30 of running in addition to 3 times of swimming and 2 times on thebike.
Your defacto, comfortable as a broken-in shoe training route? A 7 mile loop from my house around East Side Lake in Austin - starting at 4:30 in the morning with others crazy enough to join me.
How often do you run it? Every other week
Favorite carbo loading food? Traditional meal the night before a race - Ham & Cheese Omelete, Pancakes, Hash Browns and a big glass of Chocolate Milk.
Favorite indulgence food? Pizza
Next race? Boston Marathon
Running goals? I haven't set any new ones - my latest was to qualify for Boston which I did in February at the Jacksonville FL Run With Donna.
Running dream? To run the Boston Marathon.

Gotta run!

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