Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm baaacccckkkk!

Quick, quick update. First off, the person to contact regarding questions, comments or complaints about RTC website outages is president and webmaster David Sletten

Congrats to all the Boston runners! You did great and I celebrate your successes!! It was great to see some of you out there for the Women's Trials (which was a definite highlight for me) and for the pasta feed. I had a wonderful vacation with my Dad and stepmom, who drove up from Florida.

I did finish Boston, but it took me most of the day. It was all about the coat. More on that later.

The first decision was whether to attempt it, which I obviously did. Then I had to deal with everything that the day, and my body, presented to me. It was quite a bit. Let's just say that I walked from 28K (about mile 16) to the finish, visited a couple medical tents and visited the port-a-potties at least 12 times. (I lost count...they all look pretty much the same. ;-) It was one thing after another ... but I got there. I am more proud of, and had to work harder for, that medal than any other medal I've every received.

Tons of photos to sort through as well. Hope Photobucket lets me create some albums now.

Talk at you later.

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