Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Welcome to my little corner of the running world

Thanks for stopping in. I'm glad global warming has taken a brief reprieve, but about now, I'm longing to leave my mittens at home in the morning, to hear the sound of lawnmowers, to dig in the dirt, ...

A lot of this 'n that to report on today. Here goes ...

First off, Spring Classic is this weekend. Your choice ... 5K or 15K! More information on the RTC website Technical Ts! Homemade monster cookies! Chip timing! Great weather!! (At least better than the Fetzer was!) Be there or be square! The masthead photo on this blog was from Spring Classic a couple of years ago...the beautiful Virginia Bluebells on the Mayowood trail.

The promised slideshow from Cape Cod. It was sooo beautiful out there. We were blessed with really wonderful weather the whole time we were in the Boston area. Mostly cloudless skies except for the hours before the marathon began. Very little wind. Wonderful. I could see myself living out there...were it not so expensive. ;-)

A few last little tidbits from Boston: Lindor truffles in the dessert tent at the past feed ... YES!! My cost/hour to run the marathon was way less than most. ;-) From Kristin (ex-Mrs. Lance) Armstron's blog on http://www.runnersworld.com/ (very good blog): "Kristin Armstrong: This was my sixth marathon, and I have these damn cramps every time. I know they hurt, I know they suck, I know they want to rob me of my joy, and I also know they won't kill me. So I ran on them." I'm glad I'm not the only one who cramps every time! I only wish I could run through mine.
Pictured: The official shirts and finishers' medal.

From Jim Mason: Fetzer 20K Blogger's comments It's very cool to see someone else write about your event. Thanks for sharing it, Jim.

From Tom O'Shaughnessy: Wanted - RTC member Tom O’Shaughnessy is looking for a triathlon partner to do the the June 14 Lutefisk triathlon in Osseo, Wisconsin. The Lutefisk triathlon parts are 2 mile canoe, 11 mile bike, 3 mile run. Laura Eide, the race director, has been kind enough to volunteer a canoe. Tom will pay all entry fees for both of you. You’ll do the canoe 2 miles together and then do the other 2 portions individually. This event is perfect for a beginner or advanced. Contact Tom at: bigtom43@charter.net .

Speaking of canoes, Al Atkins called me the other day with information about a Canoe Race on June 28.

From Laura Lenz: HI. I will be spearheading the assembly of the next Rochester Track club newsletter. It is hot off the presses and ready to go. I would like to put it together this Thursday, May 1 at 6:30 pm at my house: 608 Meadow Run Dr SW. Directions: If you're heading south on Broadway, turn right on 25th St. South (by Wal-Mart). Make an immediate right onto Frontage Road. Left onto Meadow Run Dr- it's up the hill a little bit on the left side.

Sorry for the short notice. I understand it might not work for a lot of you. But if you can make it, just let me know. You will receive your copy of the newsletter that night and some kind of decadent dessert!

Thank you Laura, for handing the newsletter assembly in my absence. Speaking of the newsletter: Please handle renewals in a timely fashion. If you've received mailings and emails regarding your membership expiring, and it expired in January or February, you will not receive the May newsletter. If you plan to renew, please do so to save us some time and money. Thanks in advance. --Your membership chair

Thank you to K.C. Reed and Kit Hawkins for picking up trash last week during the Litter Bit Better campaign, part of RNeighbors. We weren't able to publicize it very well as the website was (and is) down. Also thank you to Laura Lenz and Sam Rowekamp for picking up trash prior to the official trash pick up. With all the wind, I'm sure there was much to remove. We own the path around Soldier's Field all the time, not just when we schedule trash pick-up. If you notice litter out there, or anywhere for that matter, feel free to pick it up and dispose of it. There's a dumpster in the parking area off Broadway, across from Snappy Stop.

Nice article about Thom Weddle, from Burnsville, in the latest Running Times. Masters runner who runs the Fetzer 20K most years. He registered this year, but the weather kept him at home.

KWEB has an on-air (radio) auction on the weekends. I've not listened or participated live, but I do give a call to see what's left over and still available for purchase. Today I picked up a couple travel vouchers for GoRochesterDirect for getting up to the cities for the RRCA convention and Flying Pig 10K this weekend. Straight from the pig's mouth: "Some big names in the running community will be in Cincinnati to help celebrate the Pig's 10th anniversary, including Runner's World contributor Hal Higdon, two-time Olympic Marathon qualifier Dick Beardsley and international Track and Field Athlete of the Year Henry Rono. "

Anyway, there was lots left at KWEB. $5 Cold Stone Creamery certificates (for a Love It creation) for $2.50. $10 Great Harvest gift certificates for $7. Many, many other things available for purchase. Pages of things. The office is located in suite 200 in Soldier's Field Office Plaza, Greenview Drive SW (site where the Fetzer used to be headquartered).

Stopped in to see my little niece and nephew yesterday and today and brought ... cookies! It was their mom's birthday today. ;-)

Let's meet Francis Whalen, who was a guest speaker at the RTC annual banquet:

Family? Yes, wife and son 10.


Languages you speak? Still learning English.

How did you get started in running?O-B-E-S-I-T-Y. Fear of the Reaper and surgeon's knife.

Miles per week on average?Embassingly, ~10. But hopefully will increase this year.

Your defacto, comfortable as a broken-in shoe training route? Silver Lake NE dirt road-fantastic road, hills, perfect 10 miles from/to home.

How often do you run it? Not enough, once a week.

Favorite carbo loading food? Spagetti

Favorite indulgence food? Chocolate-special occasions.

Next race? Bataan March (pictured, 2007), then Rochester 1/2. (And actually, he and son Peter did the Fetzer 2-mile.)

Running goals? Run a 'good race' and maintain a heart rate of ~140.

Running dream? My wife, son and I running in a race.

Cheers. Tomorrow is a running day for me. Hu-rah!


Mike said...

Wait...Renee passed up Great Harvest gift certificates! Is the sky falling?

Ramblin' Renee said...

Of course not! I bought 5 of them!