Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Minnesota Sports

Just went for a little run (no GPS), ate some dinner, and am now sitting in front of the TV ...


Its game one of the post-season for the Twins. Let's hope it's a win against those *%$^ Yankees! < Cuddyer just hit a two-run home run. Hip, hip, hooray!! > And ... Randy Moss is a Minnesota Viking again! Whether you're a Moss fan or not (I am), you have to admit that he does make things exciting. : ) On a local level, Kevin Torgerson is directing a first annual race ...The 1st Annual Nightbeat 5K Run/Walk and 2 Mile Walk on Friday evening, october 15 at 7 pm. It's a law enforcement memorial fundraiser. Online registration on Running Room or more info on RTC website. < A Rod just struck out (third out) ... SWEET!!> I heard from Mike Schmitt that he might bring his brand new daughter Lucy to OSS (here) on Saturday morning to show her off. I hope so. I LOVE babies. Millie says she will probably : ) be going to Boston as well. I found out last night that Jim Li is staying at the same hotel as a bunch of us. Yippee!!

My friend Sheila from book club stopped by the office just as I was getting to work and asked if I wanted to host the holiday book club gathering as I do a lot of Christmas decorating. Sure thing! She suggested The Girls of Ames as the book as it's a light read and of somewhat local interest.

Toenail update: a new nail is growing in. Nice. Nice 'n ugly ...

I got my flu shot yesterday, somewhat unexpectedly. I was at Sam's Club and there was a sign in the produce section saying that flu shots were being given. So I wandered back there and there was: 1) no line, 2) they took my insurance, and 3) they were only $24. OMC's Fast Care (online) says that they charge for an appt. ($49) plus the shot. Mayo's little walk-up clinic at HyVee doesn't have them yet, so I figured I'd just sit down and get it done. So that's just what I did. I get one every year.

Yesterday when I was biking, as a minivan drove by me really close, I decided that I should probably have some kind of id on me when I'm biking. So I'm going to order a RoadId for my biking shoes as well. I've got several $15 gift certificates, which makes the cost of one $4.95. Let me know if you want one.

There's still for more riders on the Team R.E.D. bus going to the Living History Farms run/race on November 20. I'm signed up and it should be a blast. See the R.E.D. website for more info as well as a get-together tomorrow evening at the Ryan's home for an opportunity to run and/or watch game 2 of the Twins/Yankees series.

I see that my favorite shoes, asics 2150s, are now $89.00 at Running Room. That's a $10 price decline. Not a sale price they say, but a permanent price reduction. Sweet.

I brought dinner to my friend Jeanne, who broke a bone in her leg/ankle while inline skating on the Douglas Trail a couple of weeks ago ...

I brought them ...

Autumn Salad
Green Beans Amandine

Baked Potato Soup

Cookies, strawberry jam and bread
< 4-3 Yankees now. OUCH. >

Today's morning workout: lift, hamstring exercises, one hour swim. Tomorrow: another long bike ride to enjoy the spectacular weather we're blessed with this week. Probably an early morning Stairmaster workout as well.

Well, I think I'll now devise some routes for Saturday. I'll post them tomorrow.


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