Sunday, October 10, 2010

What To Call This Post ...

There were so many options:
  • 10/10/10.
  • A Corner ... Turned.
  • What's Up With That?
  • Hallelujah!!
  • What a Difference a Week (or a couple of days) Makes
  • A Miracle!!
  • ...
First off, I didn't get in my long bike today. : (   But you know what? Unbelievably, I got in one LONG RUN. I still can't believe it. And I am over the moon.

Mid-morning, my white belly, muffin top and I, and my compression shorts (per the physical therapist ... hence the muffin top), decided to hit the trail.

 I was thinking that it would be nice to run my 7'ish miles "around the hill" loop. I used to run it pretty much every Sunday morning and hadn't done it in quite a while. At least 7 weeks for sure. Yesterday after my bike ride, I knew the hammie was feeling really good. I'd planned to run a little last night, but just never got around to it. And when I hit the road this morning, it felt really good. Actually, I didn't feel anything ... and that's what I've been hoping and praying for for 7 weeks. So I ran the 7.2 miles and came back home and got something to drink. I felt great, so I figured I'd just go out and do it again, or as much of it as I could. There are many spots along the route where I could bail out and head up the hill and home, walking if necessary. So I figured I didn't have much to lose. I was really listening to my body (and my iPod!) and looking for any sign of "tweakage" at which point I'd walk it home. Nothing. Nothing at all. I was thrilled. Had lift in my left leg and everything. Not feeling like people would look at me and think "she looks like she's in pain" or "she looks like an injured runner trying not to look like an injured runner". So I got home a second time, 14.4 miles after leaving for the first time. Got some more to drink and ingested a few calories and went out again. This time I went down Folwell to cut a few miles off the course, just in case. Still no problems. I came back home with 18.57 miles in. Felt really good. Legs were getting tired as my activities have generally been non-impact for 7 weeks, but still no issues. Well, now I was thinking I'd love to get in a 20-miler before Outer Banks ... And I just had to try being I was that close. So I toodled around the top of the hill until I had in 20.08 miles. In 3:03. I AM OVER THE MOON!! As a precautionary measure, I iced and stretched when I got home ... and still now many hours later ... nothing hurts. My legs are kinda tired, but that's it. Hip, hip, HOORAY!!

Seen on the run ... Marie Boyd (we just exchanged a quick hello) and Steve Roelofs (we chatted for a few minutes). Lots of folks out running and biking today. Not surprising given the weather.

Things I've been doing a little differently or that I've noticed have changed ... I'm also stretching my lower back and glutes. And diligently doing my hamstring curls 3x/week. And my flexibility has increased as I can now scoot my butt all the way to the door frame when stretching my hammie.
All good. But I am going to be cautious about this, and still do as much swimming/biking/Stairmaster as I can. I DO NOT want to start the recovery process over again.
I got a late start (9:00'ish ... it got warm out there!)

Salt stains

so breakfast became lunch. But it tasted great, as it always does. Love my old-fashioned rolled oats. : )

To celebrate my running success today, Matt and I went to Cold Stone for a $2 Love It Creation (an online auction deal-e-o) before he went back to Winona this evening (he had a 7:00 acapella practice).
Matt had a pumpkin creation (pumpkin ice cream, graham cracker crust bits, whipped cream--delish!) and I had the Founder's Favorite (pecans, brownie, caramel, chocolate).

For supper then, to save my calories for the I.C., I had 3 bites of leftover chicken and some Brussels Sprouts (love this healthy recipe).

Matt and his friend Katie went Halloween costume shopping this afternoon. Here's Matt's costume ... some guy from Jersey Shore (I've never seen the show).

Katie is going as "Snookie". I have heard about her ...

Time for some administrivia ...

Tuesday is Beetles night. What does that mean? A social gathering, no running required, at Beetles on 2nd St SW at 6:00 PM or after.

Mike Schmitt and I are going to bike this week (time(s) yet to be determined). If you want to join us, lemme know.

Tomorrow evening is Cooking Light at PK's house. I'm on the docket for bread. I'm going to make a french-style bread with Asiago cheese added. On the menu:

Mary: Wine
Renee: Bread
Margo: Appetizer
Diane: Salad with greens
Kathryn: Black Forest Cherry Cake (p. 192)
Pam: Maple-Glazed Salmon (p. 142)
Laura: Prosecco and Parmesan Risotto (p. 162)
Sounds delish. Well, I'll leave some of my posting material for tomorrow's post. Enjoy your evening!

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