Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hear and Now

Hear's (misspelling of "here" is intended!) my son Matt singing his arrangement of Uncle Kracker's Follow Me with his acapella group Hear and Now. I'm so proud!! I could never sing in front of people like that. I have this Uncle Kracker CD and it's a fun one.

A HUGE congratulations to Michelle Williamson (Tom and Karen's daughter) who's 23 and completed her first Ironman tri this weekend ... Ironman AZ. She 1) won her age division, and 2) is now registered for Ironman Kona 2012. Woot woot!! So proud of her. : )

Ran 8.02 miles this morning in the new neighborhood. Two hours on the Stairmaster yesterday. Working a lot of hours and thus don't have much time for blogging. Still lots of unpacking and hanging pictures, drapes, etc. to do yet. But it's liveable "hear and now". : )

Well, I'm going to try to get done with the RTC year-in-review newsletter this evening. Hoping you'll like it. Look for a story from Tom O' (Memories of Melby), an On The Run With ... Millie Suk, a story on sudden death in athletes by Jeff Pasternak, M.D., recipes from me, and ... lots more. It'll arrive in your mailbox sometime in December (if you're a current RTC member that is!). Printed in color.


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