Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tough Run

I decided that my knee could probably handle a long run today since I could bend it fairly well this morning and the swelling had gone down. So I ventured over to the RAC ...

to join the rest of the folks gathered for the scheduled 17.49 mile run. I'm not good at guesstimating numbers but I think probably 40-50 showed up. The sky in the photo above is deceiving. It looks like rather pleasant weather. It wasn't. I wish I had a photo of what it was like running through the heavily canopied Mayowood bike path with the rain just beating down. It was so dark, and I've never run in such hard rain. And it happened again several miles later. I think the only good thing about the morning was that I didn't bring my camera on the run. I would have ruined it. After the first mile, over my the post office, I was already feeling the effects of the very high dew points so I slowed down. And kept slowing down ... It just wasn't a good day. I wasn't adequately fueled or hydrated and my legs were already cramping at about 8 miles. I went into the Apache McDonald's and got a super size cup of ice water and carried that the rest of the run. I brought a GU and a Hammer Gel, both vanilla flavored. Ate the GU at about 11 miles and opened the Hammer Gel several miles later. It tasted really awful so I had to throw it. Don't know what the story was with that. THANK YOU to the gal in the pink top who gave me her last 3 GU Chomps at the last water stop. You are a sweetheart!! They really helped a lot.

After I got back to the RAC and dispensed cookies (a couple to the "pink top gal", FOUR to Andy, and I ate one myself) I went back out for 1.5 miles as I was so close to 20. I felt so much better after that. I was actually running fairly decently at that point. And it felt like the dew point had dropped a little bit. On the way home I stopped at Kwik Trip for my 20-mile "chocolate-frosted-longjohn-straight-up-no-peanuts-no-sprinkles" reward. I totally earned this one.

However, it didn't totally hit the spot. My appetite isn't great and it had either been previous frozen or had been sitting out too long. Wasn't the freshest donut in the case. Whatever. I ate it anyway.

This afternoon, I worked the 40% off sale at GAP. A one day only sale (saw Sonja there) and I had $30 in Rewards coupons. This boatneck 3/4 sleeve knit dress was $69.95 and with the sale and rewards, I ended up paying just $1.97. Sweet. It's cute and comfy on.

That's all I know. Hoping for some better weather tomorrow. Have a good one.


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