Thursday, September 22, 2011

"You is kind. You is smart. You is important."

For those of you that have read and/or watched The Help, you most likely recognize those words. What a powerful story. I read the book and many times a movie based on a book disappoints. Though there were some liberties taken with the story, the movie was still excellent and it brought tears to both my eyes and Amy's. Like I said on Facebook, I want to be just as strong as Aibileen and Minnie when I grow up. It was so well cast. Thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

Yesterday was an emotional day. I'd learned of two friends that experienced heartbreaking losses in their immediate families and they were on my mind all day, and all night actually. I slept very lightly and fitfully. It's been on the news and in the papers, so the names are not secret. I'd exchanged two emails with Shaun on Tuesday and life with him was very much normal. Until the tragedy at midnight. My heart just breaks for this family and another. Life is so fragile.

Yesterday morning, I discovered I'd lost a filling on a top tooth so this afternoon found me at the dentist having it replaced. The novocaine is still wearing off. I tried drinking ... and water dribbled all over the right side of my face. But that shall pass, and the tooth looks and feels great. My tongue is MUCH happier now. It just wouldn't leave that tooth alone. :-)

The numbers are changing slightly for my "PI" ride on Sunday, but the menu is in place I believe. The pies shall be: peach, blueberry, cherry and raspberry cream. The route has changed too (from the Treadman course to something else ... PI ride route) thanks to Pattie Ekman knowing that the snowmobile races were taking place in Douglas on Sunday. Thank you Pattie!!

Workouts: Tuesday was run 4 or 5 (can't remember), lift, swim an hour. Today (recovery) was run 6, lift, swim an hour. Lovely morning today. Yesterday (terribly windy) was run 13.25 and what a workout. I ran my Merrihills loop and did 12 repeats of Lenwood Dr. It's .10 mile up and just the right steepness. The last two repeats were just for fun. :-) And because my legs didn't feel trashed. And because I had the time. I was able to squeeze another 1.25 miles into this workout this week. Hoorah!! So I went home going counterclockwise "around the hill" and up Folwell Drive. I ran 7 to 8 minute pace for miles 8 to 12 (except when stopped for traffic) so it was a strength and stamina workout. Loved it. But it felt good to recover today, too.

Well, there's a lockbox on my front door now. That was an emotional moment yesterday too, signing the listing agreement with Re/Max. But it's what I have to do. Tomorrow, the wallpaper in the kitchen and dining room are being removed and then I need to paint.

Well,  need to remove all the window coverings, switch plates, etc. before tomorrow so I'd best get busy.

Until next time ........

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