Sunday, April 24, 2011

Runnin' With the Big Dawgs

First, Happy Easter to those of you whose religious traditions celebrate the holiday. It's the happiest day in the church year. Rejoice!!

I showed up at the RAC yesterday expecting to run some mileage, but didn't really have a clue how many. I'd looked at the course map on Dan's blog and it took us all over town. It looked like there would be plenty of ways to cut it short and there were two other options for me yesterday: 1) running back to the RAC at any point, or 2) running home and having Matt bring me back to my car. Also at the RAC with his stylin' Boston Marathon 2011 jacket: Trevor. ;-)

Dan gave the route talk. It covered the second half of the new Med-City route. I just couldn't remember it all, so I stuck a map in my pocket. Good thing, as I used it several times.

Paul, Liz, Bri, Sara

We first headed west out to West Circle Driver before getting on the Med-City course at the end of the Cascade Trail.

I ended up running with the speedsters. Here they are at water stop #1 at Kutzky Park. Thank you Cathy Torgerson for being there for us!

Here we are at water stop #2 at the east end of Silver Lake. Thanks to Julie Reiland for being there for us!

Here we are at stop #3 at the old RCTC facility by Olmsted Hospital.

I didn't know it but there is a new section of bike path on the west side of the river under 4th St SE.

Here we are at water stop #4 by Snappy Stop.

New bike path under 4th St SE
When all was said and done I got in 20.89 miles. That's a first for 5 days post marathon. Usually, 10 is my limit a week later and that's usually pretty painful. I ran 10.02 this afternoon and am still feeling great. Nothing hurts. I guess it's easier to bounce back when you run a slow marathon ... 69.74 miles since last Sunday, 78.54 miles since last Monday morning (marathon Monday).

One last Boston marathon tidbit: adidas puts out a poster each year which are free for the taking at the expo.

All of the registered runners' names are watermarked on the two-sided poster. Mine is on the knee in the photo below, at the end of the pen. Kinda neat.

The boys were both home for Easter. Matt has some facial hair. He can grow a beard in just a couple of days. I think it makes him look older.

Eric came home yesterday. He's doing very well and looks great. :-)

My brother and his family were over for dinner. Kaleigh and Andrew, my niece and nephew, once again enjoyed the traditional Easter egg hunt.

And the weather was nice enough for a little croquet.

A good day.

Matt and I went to the Stuart Pimsler modern dance production The Ends of Love last night at the Civic Theater.

This bathtub was a recurring prop

I don't think I've ever been to such a production before, but I enjoyed it. Much different from ballet, jazz, ballroom, etc. And there was a little dialogue as well, but kind of unstructured. The whole production was about the many facets of love. A young boy was the guide through the array of relationships portrayed.

Eric is vegetarian, so last night I made an asparagus and yellow pepper frittata and Brussels sprouts. Delish.

I think I'll close this post with the lyrics from Taps:

Day is done, gone the sun,
From the lake, from the hills, from the sky.
All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.
Good night.

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