Monday, April 11, 2011

Busier Than I Know How To Be

I need more hours in this week!! I started the day with a run around the bottom of the hill. When I returned home I unplugged the computer and what seems like about 87 wires/cables/plugs and moved it from the office into the dining room so the new carpet could be laid. It looks great.

Got new carpet in the office, too.

Tuesday evening the Monthly Social Night will be at Brothers. No running required. Any time after 6:00 people will start drifting in. If you'd like to run beforehand, there will be people on the Soldier's Field track and/or hills at 5:00 or 5:30 pm.

There were 4 state records set at the Fetzer 20K on Saturday. Congratulations to: Andriette Wickstrom, Rosemary Harnly, Dick Westerlund and Sandra Dalquist. I made certificates for each of them and mailed them out today.

Peg asked me to write a story about the Fetzer for the Running Room eMagazine, which I did today. You never know whose mug will turn up in the photos. :-)

I had a dentist appointment this afternoon. I arrived at 3:40 and was told my appointment was at 2:40. I felt terrible. So I went home and checked my calendar. I'd written down 3:40, but that could have been in error. Then I checked the appointment card.

Not my bad after all. But I do have to go back to the dentist tomorrow at 3:30. So instead I went to Menards to get new register covers and then worked out in the yard.

Mederic Hall M.D. (and triathlete) is doing a study on the heel and needs participants who are runners. I'm getting an ultrasound tomorrow noon. Here's the lowdown:
Fellow runners and multisport athletes, I am in need of your help. I am conducting a study titled “Sonographic Evaluation of the Plantar Heel in Asymptomatic Endurance Runners”. I will be scanning the heels of runners with ultrasound to better understand the normal appearance of these structures in running athletes who do not have heel pain.

The procedure will take approximately 15 minutes to complete and will be painless. Ultrasound is safe and does not expose one to radiation.

If you run at least 15 miles/week on average for the past 6 months, have not had to visit a medical ...professional regarding pain in your heel and have not had surgery on your heel then you qualify for the study.

I will be using a portable ultrasound machine, which means I can scan you at the Sports Medicine Center, at your house, at my house, where ever you would be willing to meet me for a few minutes.

If you are interested please contact me via e...mail at  or , or via Facebook. Thank you for your contributions to advancing medical knowledge and care of running athletes!
Jim Parry is doing another endurance challenge to raise funds for the Y Strong Kids Campaign. He will be running on a treadmill at the Y for 17 hours. You can sign up at the Y to run with him. You do not have to be a member of the Y to run with Jim. Please consider supporting him in whatever way you can. More info on Facebook.

Time to call it a day. Good night.

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