Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Not Enough Hours In The Day

My day started early. REALLY early. Awake at 3:11 and I didn't think I'd fall back asleep so I just got up and got busy. My big project for the day was to try to fix the leaky freezer. It's been dripping into the refrigerator compartment for a while now. I really didn't want to pay a plumber. I pulled out the fridge, unplugged it, and took the back and bottom covers off the freezer compartment. The bottom of the freezer compartment was covered in ice and the drain appeared plugged.

So I put a coat hanger down the drain tube followed by some hot water. It's now draining freely and hopefully that will solve the problem. And it was a perfect time to clean it all out, which is exactly what I did. It looks great. Though it doesn't show in this yellow-tinged photo, it just sparkles.

In the middle of all this, Tracy McCray was on KROC AM talking with someone from the Civic Theater. At the end of the interview, she had 2 tickets to give away to a modern dance performance called The Ends of Love. They would go to the third caller, so on a whim I called. And guess who was the third caller? Moi!! I actually won something. (I made a comment recently that I couldn't get into a race based on lottery if my life depended on it. I've tried 5 times for TC10 and Grandma's half and never gotten in ... had to get in by volunteering once for TC10 and on time once for Grandma's half). Maybe my luck is changing. I really needed a little pick-me-up today. The black cloud that's been hovering for so long just hasn't budged. I'm looking forward to the performance. Here's the note Tracy left on the envelope.

I'm still sending emails regarding Mederic's study. I think I got through "R" in my address book now. The email has gone to hundreds of people and Mederic is very thankful for those of you that have agreed to participate, so thank you!!

If you were a Fetzer volunteer and didn't get a T-shirt, today is the deadline to get me your size. I need to get the order placed tomorrow. Leftover from Saturday: a pair of stretchy white gloves, a pair of stretchy black gloves, a grey sweatshirt and a pair of black sunglasses. If any of these items belong to you, please email me.

I went into work for a while this evening. Finally at about 8:00, I made some asparagus soup from the latest HyVee magazine. It's delicious.

I'm now starting to think about Boston. Tomorrow, I'll pack. Weather forecast for Sat/Sun: Cloudy/windy/rain. (Black cloud ... just like I said). Mon: Partly sunny, 47/62. Tues for Portland: Partly sunny, 57/47.

Well, I've been up for 18 hours. I'm going to chill for a few minutes and read the newspaper.

Good night.

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