Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Day Before the Big Day

The day began with a run close to the hotel for two purposes: 1) to run my mile for the day (I'm running at least a mile every day this year), and 2) to get some Powerade at the grocery store. Misison accomplished ... 1.22 miles and 2 bottles of Poweade and one bagel later. I'd organized a 10:30 trip to the expo. Roger, Jim and Andy still needed to pick up their numbers.

Ran into Ann and Joe Moyer at the expo. Ann then submitted the winning guess regarding the price of the Gucci shoes from yesterday's post. $1350.

Nice shirt, Joe! (Fetzer 2009)
Time for another photo, I guess. :-)

The craziness that is the Boston expo
My friend Steve Shepard from Houston had let me know that he was at the Injinji booth and he had something for me. Well, that piqued my interest. So I stopped by. He was with Marshall Ulrich, who has just released a book .... Running on Empty. Steve gave me some postcards to distribute in Rochester and Marshall autographed a copy of the book for me. Steve asked if I'd read and blog/Facebook about it. Certainly will!! I'd seen Marshall's movie about his run across the country in Winona last year. It's quite the story. I look forward to reading the book.

Chatting with Marshall Ulrich

Marshall GAVE me a copy of his book to read and  blog about
Stopped at Marathon Sports on Boylston St, but it was craziness in there. Went over to Quincy Marketplace for lunch and stopped in Bill Rodgers' Running Center. Bought an adidas top that they were already sold out of (except for XS and XL) at the expo at noon yesterday. Stuff was flying out of there.
Quincy Marketplace ... also a zoo

Bill's gloves ... off-white cotton one and all

This evening a bunch of us are meeting at City Hall for the pasta feed. I've seen just about everyone from Rochester except Trevor and Jeff and Laree and Emily. Hope they show up for a photo!

Time for a short nap.

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Steeeve said...

My life's kinda crazy, too, but nothing like yours. Hoping you enjoy the book, but looking forward to your takes whatever they are...Cheers, Steve