Friday, April 22, 2011

I Remember What I Forgot

Boston, remembered:

1) Oh, yeah. I also carried my phone in my waist pack (along with 5 gels, a plastic pouch of electrolyte capsules and 3 Werthers candies). That was so that I could snap a few pix along the way. Here they are:

Start corrals

Framingham Train Depot (mile 6.57)

The screaming girls of Wellesley

Finish area
2) The gal we met on the T on the way to the pasta dinner, Celia, ...

actually found my blog and left a comment. Fun!!

3) I had this weird thing going on with my left leg on Sunday before the marathon. It would occasionally just give out. Never happened before. And after the marathon, I had a big lump on the spot that was giving out that looked like a bruise ... just below my knee on the lateral side (but I hadn't hit it on anything) and it was quite swollen. Seems to have resolved.

4) Here's what I came home with:

A Cookiehead T-shirt!! Suh-weet!!!

Nike stuff

Injinji toe socks

Our shirt (not a finisher's shirt at Boston ... we get it at packet pickup) and medal
5) Mike Baumann is the winner of the "Guess my finishing time without going over" cookie contest with a guess of 3:59. Congrats, Mike! I cropped myself out of this pic ... it was really bad!!

More Boston this 'n that:

1)I had 473 emails when I got home. Yikes.

2) I'm now organizing a post-marathon gathering for those of us that gathered pre-marathon. Everyone seems excited to share their experiences with each other as we didn't gather after the race.

3) There's an extensive article about the new qualifying and registering procedures in the Official Program. Interesting reading. It's totally performance driven for 2013. In each registration wave, the fastest qualifiers (in their age categories) will be selected each 2 days. It doesn't matter who registers first. No more first-come, first-serve.

OK. I'm ready to wrap up Boston. Time to move on to Maine ...

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