Sunday, April 17, 2011


The Rochester folk (or at least quite a few of them) met at City Hall this evening to carbo load for tomorrow morning. The weather was certainly better than yesterday, but still windy. At least the sun was kind of shining and it wasn't raining. Forecast: 40s for a low, 57 to 62 for a high and WSW winds at 15-25. Sure glad we're running east! Here's the photo spread from the evening.

This first one has a cute little story attached to it. I was holding out m camera trying to take a photo of Jim Li who was sitting next to me. But the camera was sluggish and I didn't actually get a photo until I was moving the camera away. The gal across from me was kind of following our conversation and she knew I'd taken the photo. So I asked her, "You want to be in my blog?" She said Sure! Then I asked her name (Celia) and where she's from (Quincy and Cape Cod). As we were getting off, she said What's your race number? (13213) And I gave her the name of my blog. :-)


Angie and friends

Jim Li


The meal
Time for rest. Good night.

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Celia Lees-Low said...

Go Renee! Have a great race today.

Lovely to meet you and join in your scene!