Saturday, February 19, 2011


No, that's not West/Southwest. It's Winter Storm Warning. Sounds like we're going to get dumped on tomorrow and travel conditions will be treacherous. I'll probably be housebound tomorrow, except when I'm shoveling. Glad I got my long run in this morning. Saw Brad Kautz (he ran 16) out on Mayowood/Salem Road. Also, chatted with Jeff Rabatin for a couple minutes yesterday. He was out running too. He said he's trying to get back into it. No marathons, but maybe halfs and shorter. I gave Dan Strain the $50 Running Room gift card he won at Lace-Up. Dan said he's already got it spent (Dan is giving him $50 for it.) A remote control airplane. :-) I stopped counting at 50 at the RAC. A big crowd! I'll post a few pix tomorrow.

This will be a quick post before the evening gets away from me. Taking down my snowmen decorations and replacing them with bunnies. :-) Going to Winona for Matt's band concert this evening.


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