Thursday, February 17, 2011


I woke up, rolled over and looked at the clock, and it was 5:10 AM. I knew the Progressive Run would begin in 20 minutes in Byron and I figured I had a shot at making it on time. So I threw on some clothes, hopped in the car, and drove out into the EXTREMELY dense fog. Wow. What a difficult drive. I think I pulled up in front of O'Leary's at 5:31 AM. Tom and Bri were there waiting with their headlamps on and shortly Paul arrived. Then we were off up the 1st Ave hill on our way to a progressively faster run (10, 9, 8, 7:30, 7, 6:30 pace). I was still a little leary of hurting my other slightly sore hamstring so at 8:00 pace I decided that would be fast enough for the day. It was really hard to run in the fog. It was hard to see in the beam of light cast by our headlamps due to the fog and misty stuff blowing in from the south. After 3 miles, we kind of split up and were all running by ourselves on the return trip. I rolled my right foot twice as I didn't see the holes I stepped in. (It didn't really bother me until the trip home. But it's feeling better now.) And ... I made a wrong turn and ended up running on the Frontage Road instead of 4th Street. I knew pretty quickly that I'd made a wrong turn but didn't want to turn around so I just continued on. The road is not in good shape, particularly as I got closer to Kwik Trip. And I literally had to stop and jump on the soft, muddy shoulder 4 times when the cars remained what seemed dangerously close to the fog lines. So ... not a great run, but that's the way it goes some times. And I got in a couple extra tenths taking my wrong turn. :-)

I just finished putting the second coat of paint on the office walls. They're now "toasted cashew" instead of builder's white. Nice. I can't wait to pull off the tape and get everything back in place.

Well, it's been a full and busy day. More tomorrow. Good night.

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