Friday, February 18, 2011

Quiet Day

I want to start out by wishing good luck to my runner friends running in Austin, TX on Sunday: Lori (half) and LaRee and Andy (full). Best of luck!! Have fun!! Lori stopped by yesterday afternoon to pick up the lefse I'd made for her. She's going to introduce some IBM colleagues to the Scandinavian food item.

I finished painting the office last night and spent the afternoon getting everything back in shape ... cleaned, organized, etc. I only wanted to touch each thing ONCE. I was mostly successful, but not completely. Here's the before (builder's white paint) ...

After. The color looks kind of yellow-ish in the photo. It's actually called "toasted cashew" and really is the color of cashews. I like it.

I got a new microwave yesterday. I'd had my other one since 1982. I think I got my money's worth out of that purchase.

The Saturday morning training runs at the RAC start in the morning. 7:15 is the official liftoff, but some are starting at 6:00 to get in some extra miles. Here's Paul's 6.84 mile route: route. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. (This morning I ran to the Y, lifted, swam laps for an hour and then ran home.) My right foot is still a little sore after rolling it twice yesterday. I guess I'll decide in the morning. Sunday morning weather doesn't sound great for an outdoor run.

Here's the Med-City Marathon ad in RunMinnesota:

That's all I know today. Good night.

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