Tuesday, October 11, 2011

WTG Paige!!

A shout out to Paige Reeves for her first 100% outdoor 103 mile bike ride. You rock girl!! I accompanied her for the final 60 miles after work ...

Beautiful fall day, with temps in the 70s. Brisk south wind, however. But we got 'er done. The route was through Hammond, Millville and Elgin, including a Cat 5 climb just south of Millville.

Somewhere on highway 63

Somewhere on highway 63


Between Hammond and Millville

Stretching our legs in Millville

Gel break!!
I am so proud of her. She had an awesome ride; very strong.

I started my day with a 6.07 mile run. Legs felt great. No more lingering soreness after Saturday's (slow) marathon. Been thinking about this one ... and ashamed that with my horrible finish time I won my age division. But there's nothing I can do about that. The only people I'm competing against are number 1, myself and number 2, the others in my age division. I have no control over who shows up and who doesn't. Or how the weather can make for a miserable marathon. So, I'll just take the "win" and be done with it. And hope for a better finish time next marathon.

Not too much more to report. The For Sale sign goes up in front of the house. That's going to feel weird.

Time to wash a few dishes and then put my feet up for a few minutes. Have a great evening. :-)

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