Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cooking Light October 2011

It was a delightful evening and a wonderful menu. We met at my house yesterday evening. We missed Laura and Mary, though. Our menu consisted of:

Marinated Peppers and Mozzarella, Cheese and Pear Pork, Buttermilk-Blue Cheese Smashed Potatoes, Autumn Apple Spinach Salad, Walnut Bread, Salted Caramel Brownies. Barbara went above and beyond and made three kinds of brownies for us to enjoy. It's so hard to pick one favorite from this menu ... so I'll pick 3. The pork, potatoes and brownies. Thank you to these special friends for sharing a wonderful evening with me!!

It was also photo day for the house, so it was in tip top condition. Here are a few pix:

Everything had to be put away, so the dish drainer was in the dishwasher, baskets in the microwave, laundry soap in the dryer ...

Well, I might get out and move my legs for a few miles this morning with a little run/walk. Paige and I are planning an 88-mile ride this afternoon. I'll hang on for one 44-mile loop through Hammond/Elgin and see how it goes after that. Supposed to get windy today. Yesterday I hit the pool and gave my legs a rest.

Have a wonderful day!

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Jerry Hingle said...

Loved your article! What a great blog.