Sunday, October 23, 2011


Had a wonderful evening with friends last night, thanks to Amy. It was her third annual fall dinner at her beautiful home outside Chatfield. Such a relaxing evening ... just exactly what I needed. Headed down 52 with Jean and George just as the sun was setting.

I just love sunsets. There were 11 of us for dinner and it was delicious.

Not sure what was in the air (ghosts?) on that one, but nothing was burning!! We feasted on salad, chicken, calico beans, squash and pumpkin muffins. A perfect fall menu. I was hungry after my morning run and afternoon walk. Can't remember if I ate lunch ...

Dessert was delightful. Randy and Anita brought apple crisp, Amy had a pumpkin cheesecake and I brought some cookies.

Lovely, lovely evening. THANK YOU Amy.

The day started with about a dozen of us at Brothers for O.S.S. I wanted to do more than the 10 scheduled miles, so I got back too late for breakfast. Then Jean and I went to look at a neighbor's house that's for rent. Can't remember what I did with the middle part of my day. It must be my age ... or just too much going on these days I guess. A big shout out to everyone that ran in Mankato yesterday. Some really impressive times on a perfect marathoning/half marathoning day. Good job one and all!! Today I met Jean, Dave and eventually John and Jim at Panera for a run followed by breakfast/coffee. Best wishes to Dave as he runs a marathon in Greenville, SC next weekend. Pam is running the half. Have fun!! Run fast!! : )

Oh ... now I remember what I did yesterday. Worked on the "special issue" of RTC News. It's going to be a year end retrospective. Thanks to everyone that's providing input. I think it'll be a very good read. We're printing it, in color.

I have banana bread in the oven and it smells wonderful. Haven't had lunch (had breakfast at 10:30) but I think I'll just skip it at this point.

Until next time ...

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