Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Busy Day!

... so this will be short. 10.01 mile run this morning before work. Trip to Sam's Club. Nap. Baked cookies. Movie with friends. Showed the house. Two more showings tomorrow.

At the movie (Snowflower and the Secret Fan). The woman sitting behind me hit the back of my seat fairly hard and gave me a jolt. Then she was rustling rather loudly through her belongings for about 2 minutes. While the credits were rolling I got out my dumb phone (very small screen) to see the time as I'd gotten a call from a realtor during the movie and wanted to see if it was too late to call back. The phone was in front of my torso and I think must have been partially obstructed by my giant purse. This woman behind me immediately said to me in a loud voic, "Miss, you're blinding me with that thing!" Oh. My. Gosh. I was flabbergasted. We got up and left.

Just a reminder ... all are welcome at the breakfast run/walk (running/walking is optional) on Saturday morning. 7:30. Bring a hearty appetite!! I'm hoping for a big crowd and will be baking up a storm!

Good night.

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