Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I find myself very thankful that my kids are home safely now. Eric drove down from the cities after work today and I was very nervous about that as the roads were quickly deteriorating around here. No matter how old your kids are, once a mother, always a mother. I will never stop worrying about them.

Morning workout: 4.5 miles running, an hour in the pool. I stopped by KROC (radio station) ...

to drop off Tracy McCray's pumpkin bread hoping to get a pic for my blog. But she was running a little late so I didn't get one. But she did get her bread I'm happy to report. :-) In the next lane at the pool was Ian Torchia. He's a very good swimmer ... I think it's fair to say that he can swim twice as fast as I can. We chatted for just a minute ... everyone is coming home from college at his house. I'm sure he likes having his 4 siblings home. They are a wonderful family. While running errands, I dropped off Andy's pumpkin bread. He was letting the dogs out on his lunch break.

I stopped by Great Harvest for a little gift. It wasn't as crazy-busy as I thought it would be. It smelled divine in there, as it always does.

For dinner I made Cranberry Chicken in the crockpot. It's very easy. Cook chicken breasts for 3 hours on high or poach them on the stove top or somehow cook them. Then mix a packet of onion soup mix, 8 oz. fat-free Western dressing and a can of cranberry sauce (jellied or whole berry). Mix and spoon over the chicken. Heat on high 30 minutes in the crockpot or put in a 9 x 13 pan and heat through in a 350 oven. Very good. I made a wild rice pilaf to go with it.

Wanna run in the morning? One option is running from Casa O'Leary at 7 bells. 805 1st Ave NW in Byron. I might try to make it ... but it's questionable as I'm cooking EVERYTHING for dinner by myself. I've done the salad and cranberry sauce already, but there will still be a lot to do.

Ever seen how Brussels sprouts grow?? If not, here ya go ...

P.K. gave me some pretty awesome stuff for my birthday ... Finish Line wine that she bottled herself, a bottle of Port, and the Hell's Kitchen cookbook. I can't wait to try the Lemon Ricotta pancakes and the Porridge.

Way cool ... the race director posted a link to my blog from the Living History Farms website. I noticed on Feedjit that I was getting hits that were coming from their site. :-)

Black Friday through Cyber Monday ... 50% off most Vacation Sports events. Wow!! Even triathlons.

I heard that Kohl's is opening at 3 AM on Friday. Craziness ...

I've been asked to pass this along: The Rochester Track Club has kindly allowed us to get in contact with you. We are students of the Augsburg MBA R11 Cohort in Rochester completing our Capstone Project. The Capstone Project is in place of a Master’s Thesis that allows MBA students to apply skills and other knowledge that has been thus far learned in the program. In order to complete our project, we are asking for your help.

Our assignment is to determine the organization and likelihood of success of a new business venture in Rochester. The venture involves the retail distribution of high-end European style dress clothing. Our team has developed an online survey tool that will aid in the understanding of the venture’s market potential. We are asking for as many volunteers as possible in order to get an accurate representation.

The survey is relatively short, needing only 3 to 4 minutes of your time. Your answers are completely anonymous and will only be used in the evaluation of the new business venture. In order to complete the survey, please follow the link: . If you any questions or concerns, you can contact team member David Coffee at .

OK. Now I think I'll do a little OBX recap.
All my "best dishes" for a happy, healthy, safe Thanksgiving to you and yours.
As always,
Ramblin' Renee

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