Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friends, Food and Fun in OBX

The weather has been VERY windy and cloudy since we've arrived. But today looks to be sunny and slightly less breezy. (The winds have been from the north and the course is north to south, so at least we wouldn't be dealing with 26 miles of headwind.) But it's made for spectacular views of the surf. Really quite beautiful.

About 30 seconds after this was taken, my shoes and jeans were SOAKED as a big ol' wave crashed up on the beach.

There is never a shortage of friends to chat with.

I kept getting questions about cookies, so I made it happen. This is definitely the biggest kitchen in which I have ever baked cookies. It's got quite an interesting array of items with which to bake ... for instance, only 2/3 and 1 cup measuring cups. But I made it work.

I found this "one tough coookie" headband at the expo after pawing through a huge mound of them for about 10 minutes.

All's well that ends well. Tonight, we all decided that we'd rather eat here so I'm in charge of preparing pasta for 50. It's gonna be a blast.


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Julie said...

Damn! You guys are having so much fun! Totally jealous:) That house looks amazing! Good luck to you Renee!! Good luck to all of the St. Cloud River Runners!