Saturday, November 6, 2010

Running, Running and More Running

First, congrats to all the student athletes that ran in the state cross country meet in Northfield today. Whether or not you placed, it's an honor to be one of the few who get to run at the meet. Way to run.

Second, good luck to those running marathons tomorrow. There's a big one tomorrow in New York City. The only person that I know, I think, that's running is my Boston Buddy Tim Wolfram. :-) He's run the big trifecta this year ... Boston, Chicago and now New York to raise funds for Ryan and Sara Hall's Steps Foundation. For the third year, Rails to Trails will take place in Norwalk, WI. I ran the half the first year and the full last year. Those that I know running either the full or the half: Ann and Joe Moyer (half), Dan Strain, Marni Meta, Maureen Hogan (full). Seems like I'm forgetting someone. May you all be fleet of foot, with the wind at your back ... Maureen is also running Richmond, VA next weekend. I think she's a marathon maniac. :-)

Third, this morning was the Bear Creek 5 Prediction Run here in Rochester at Mayo H.S.

Congratulations to the 10 who were closest to their predicted times, including winner Kari Justin who was a mere .02 seconds off her predicted time.

Kari is on the far right
Winners get carved bear trophies made by a 72-year old woman from St. Cloud.

There was an excellent turnout from Team R.E.D. :-)

... including one Team R.E.D. wanna be!!
I ran with Tod (left) and Roger (right).

I brought 5 dozen cookies and some pumpkin bread with Craisins for post-race treats.

Larry Kleppe got the last cookie :-)

New pan, new recipe. I like my other pumpkin bread recipe better.
Thank you John Shonyo for organizaing the event. Thank you Sonja Kranz for agreeing to take on race directorship in 2011. And thank you, volunteers. A big success in my book.

I didn't have a vehicle this morning, so I then had to run home. On the way, I dropped off some cookies for Mike (and Barb) Ewen. Mike had meniscus surgery on Monday.

I can't believe it. I didn't get a photo of Mike's face. Shame on me!! Here's one from October 15:

He's doing well, mostly getting around without crutches, and I think his knee looks great considering it's been only 5 days. Then I ran to the cash machine and took the long way around the hill to home. 10.05 miles. Perfect. This afternoon I lifted. That's it.

There was some "tutu making chatter" this morning. If anyone wants directions, or would like to have a tutu making party, let me know though my evenings are really limited between now and the 20th. The 17th, 18th and 19th are about it. They take about 45 minutes to make and you need 6 yards of red tulle and red grosgrain ribbon (comfortable waist measurement plus enough to tie a bow). Happy to help. The consensus on Thursday night regarding Living History Farms attire was ... no consensus. Wear your R.E.D. shirt and either a tutu or superhero underwear (as outerwear) or whatever. Don Morrison said he's running LHF and riding "The Big R.E.D. Bus". Whoo hoo!!

I know it's premature, but Tuesday is Beetles night. No running required. Come any time after 6:00.

One of my St. Cloud friends had a question on Facebook ... "What is your all-time favorite song?" Someone replied with Fantasy by Earth, Wind and Fire. Boy does that bring back memories of Friday nights during my college years. So I just loaded it on my iPod for fun. My roommate Mary would blast something on the stereo on Friday when classes were done ... usually Brick House by the Commodores, but I have memories of Hotel California by the Eagles as well. Those were good times. :-)

Later ...

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