Monday, March 1, 2010

All Checked In

All checked in (on the plane) ... and ready to check out (of MN snow and ice). The forecast is for sun, but not terribly warm (upper 50's, 60's) but there's not much I can do about that. So there's no sense fretting over something I can't change. I am looking forward to the getaway. It's coming at a good time.

Soooo, Trevor and I hit the track this evening since neither of us can be there tomorrow. We decided to do 8 x Yasso 800s (800m at marathon goal time ... i.e. if you want to run a 3:30 marathon, you run your 800s at 3:30 pace). We decided to do 400m recovery rather than Bart's specified 800m, however. I warmed up for almost 2 miles and then we got down to business. Here are our splits: 3:27  3:24  3:18  3:17  3:17  3:17  3:12  3:12.  We really got in a groove at one point: our 3:17 splits were :48, 1:38, 2:28, 3:17 just like clockwork. And then we picked it up a bit. It was really a good workout. We were talking during the cooldown about how these workouts take some mental toughness too ... pushing yourself lap after lap, fighting the urge to quit when you get tired, etc. But we both felt really good when we were done, and we both felt glad to be done. : )

This morning I got on the StairMaster before work and was reading about a 20-year old guy who founded an organization that collects running shoes, cleans them up, and then gives them to the underprivileged, both domestically and abroad. His organization is called Share Our Soles. Quite an undertaking for someone his age. He started when he was 16.

In Outside magazine, there is a list of Editor's Choice Awards ... a list of 51 of the editors' favorite things. Here are some that were of interest to me. #9: Chocolate Milk. "Few things taste better after a long run or ride. It's also the foundation of the world's most perfect postworkout smoothie: Combine 8 oz. lowfat chocolate milk, a banana, and a few spoonfuls of peanut butter in a blender and hit PUREE. Calories? Ratio of protein to carbs? What the h#^& is your problem? Just drink it." I think that sounds delicious after a long run. Especially if it was in the middle of summer and it was nice and cold. #13: Dawn Patrol. "It doesn't really matter what you're doing--skiing, surfing, cycling, hunting, running. It's the fact that you're up with the sun, doing something long before work. And the smug feeling is so justifiable." I totally agree. #15: Rob Machado's Hair.

My hair is really thick. And curly. And looks kinda like his when it's long. #17: Watching the Boston Marathon. "Thanks to Patriot's Day, the Maine-and-Massachusetts-exclusive holiday, the entire city turns out to cheer and drink and generally enjoy the biggest party of the year." Totally agree. I watched it one year when I'd signed up, bought a plane ticket, and in the interim, had back surgery. It's really fun to watch. #21: McCann's. "Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal. Add hazelnuts, walnuts, dried cherries, raisins, and maple syrup and get out there. No, they don't do instant, but you won't be hungry again anytime soon." Delish.

The RTC News has been posted on the RTC website. Go to Membership->Members area->Club Newsletters. Don't forget to check out the Who Is It? and Where Is It? pages. If you get them correct, you win a dozen cookies. I've been known to give hints ... so give it a whirl.

If you can help out with a water stop during the Saturday long runs from the RAC, that would be greatly appreciated by 50-60 runners each week. Contact Lin Gentling if you can help out. As the routes get longer, we will need more help. Thanks much.

Happy Birthday to the following RTC members in the month of March: Susan Batt, Bob Bergsgaard, Jeanne Block, Craig Blommer (milestone), Teresa Byland, Betsy Cahill, Thomas Duquin, Ron Giles, Mary Haen, Gregg Hanson, Katie James, Cheryl Kieffer, Brendan Layden, Julie Maxwell, Brad Menges, Dave Morrill (milestone), Eric Overby, Duane Price, Kristi Quade-Weidrich, Todd Rowekamp, Marc Schaub, Brian Schomisch, Kameron Shahid, Gina Sundsmo, David Walters.

Also in March, some popular breads are back at Great Harvest: Guinness & Gouda, Irish Soda Bread, Blarney or Oatmeal Maple Scones, Irish Whiskey Coffee Cake.

I should really get to bed. The alarm will go off in just over 6 hours as I'm catching the 4 AM shuttle to the cities. I'll keep you "posted" from Florida.