Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Windy Wednesday

Brrrr! It's cold (for Florida in March) down here. About 50 degrees, cloudy and windy. But I'm toughing it out in shorts anyway. : ) I've been wearing a coat and long sleeved T all day, though.

Early am I went to the Y to swim, lift and do an hour on the elliptical. The gal at the front desk and I both recognized each other from last year. I hopped in the water ... and thought I'd hopped into a fryer. OMG. The water was soooo warm. Way too warm. I stopped halfway down the pool and asked the guard what the temp was. 86 degrees. It felt like bath water. But I made it work, and swam for an hour. I was very happy to have my water bottle at the end of the lane, though.

This afternoon I went to the outlet mall since it wasn't a good day to do anything outside.

It's really a big place. I didn't even get all the way around. At the adidas store, I got a cute little running skirt. I just love them.

At Tommy Hilfiger I picked up a couple denim pieces.

Shorts and a skirt. Outlet malls aren't always a bargain, but I'm satisfied with my purchases. On the way home I passed over some body of water ... not sure what, but it looks Florida-ish.

After I turned off the interstate, I noticed this sweet little car next to me.

He noticed me noticing it ... and gave a little wave. Sweet. : )

My stepmom made a delicious supper: salmon loaf, cole slaw, sweet potatoes and fresh fruit. I ate too much. But I kind of skipped breakfast since I didn't have my oatmeal until noon, so ... all good.

Backing up a little now that I have my photos downloaded, here's the view leaving MSP.

and arriving at ATL. (BTW: Trevor was travelling to Atlanta yesterday as well and we exchanged a few texts. His first flight was cancelled as well.)

One nice thing about travelling business class ... you get the WHOLE can of Diet Coke. : )

And in the emergency exit aisle, there's soooooo much legroom. (My legs are actually in the bottom of the picture--there's about an extra 10" which was wonderful.)

And my arrival at SRQ (Sarasota/Bradenton).

And all the way back to Monday, and Jim Benike in his WILD running gear.

He said he used to ski the Birkie in this. Here's Jim, Jamie, Jim and Jim.

And the cookie guys (Jamie, Jim, KC, Jim).

This snowy egret was walking by the  car when I got home today. Pretty bird.

And do you know that they now make chocolate Cheerios??

I didn't buy them, but stopped by to get some Diet Coke and some Powerade for Sunday.

Well, that's about all I know for today. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, but cool (59 degrees for a high). I will run in the morning and not sure about the rest of the day.

Good talkin' to ya. Good night!