Thursday, March 18, 2010


Felt like that's pretty much what I did all day! It started with a run to the Y to lift and swim. However, when I got there I found out the pool was closed. : ( Bummer. I really wanted to swim today. Oh well. So I lifted and then ran home and got on the StairMaster for an hour. Then this afternoon, Kirk called to see if I wanted to take a bike ride. You bet!!

He said 25-30 miles. So we went through Salem Corner and Rock Dell and turned around at highway 30.

On the way back into Salem Corners, while we were riding 20 mph, I got my camera out of my jersey and snapped a couple pix. : )

This is your view when you're drafting behind someone. Keep your eyes on that wheel! And have your hands close to your brakes. It was a bit breezy today, from the west, so you could really feel when you were in the draft. Helps conserve energy quite a bit. It was a beautiful day, and a fun ride. : ) 30.07 miles. I'm getting there.

This evening it was out to Byron for Team R.E.D. A good crowd today. 22 at the Bear's Den when we were done. Look for some fun pix on  Tom's blog. One in partcular comes to mind. : )

This is a recreation (sort of ) of Melby's miles 22-26 at Whistlestop. :-)

I left without paying my bill. AGAIN. Called O'Leary. He'll cover it (a diet Pepsi), but it'll cost me apparently. : )

Guess what??? I'm in at Grandma's Half marathon. I'm psyched! Since I won my age division at the Princess Half, I have an automatic entry. I got the notification today. I am VERY happy to be running it.

Another River Runner buddy is running the Fetzer 20K. Gary. Whoo hoo!! Happy about that one, too.

This is probably totally useless, or uninteresting info for most of you, but I stopped at Kwik Trip today to get bananas and a couple of onions. I noticed that a 3 lb. bag of onions was $1.79. That's 60 cents a pound. If you buy them individually, they're 38 cents a pound. Go figure. Here are my purchases at Sam's.

Love those berries on my oatmeal. BTW: Land O'Lakes butter is $2.68/lb at Walmart north. That's a steal. I stocked up.

My son Matt invited me to join the "Pseudo Naked 5K" in Winona on April 10, 11:00 AM, on Facebook. The shirts are conversation starters, that's for sure.

Well, that's it for today. A very full day. They all seem to be. I cram as much as I can into every 24 hours that I'm granted on this earth ...


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