Monday, March 22, 2010

Today, it's all about Yesterday

To start with anyway. Sunday workout: Run to the Y, lift, swim an hour, run home. I had a PR while lifting yesterday. Brian Erwin was my witness. 280 lb. squats, 12 reps. I did do 6 reps @ 300 lbs. but that was just too much. I don't lift legs that often. My quads and glutes don't need to get any bigger than they already are ... My swim went well again. Something has clicked, but I am still going to forever be a slow swimmer. I talked with Erin Caflisch who was in the next lane. She's a Mayo H.S. student and excellent swimmer. She can swim twice as fast as I can. Literally. I asked her about suits. She's tall too. Taller than I am actually. She's 5'12". : ) I'm 5'10". She doesn't wear long torso suits, but said that the TYR brand tends to run longest. And to buy the Polyester suits even though they're a couple bucks more as they last a lot longer. (Chlorine is really hard on suits.) She said that Speedo seems to last the longest, but they're also the shortest. She said that Nike doesn't last very long. Good info and I was happy to get it.

Yesterday evening we had a Lace-Up Against Breast Cancer meeting at Laura's house. She was providing pasta and salad (delicious!) and I volunteered to bring bread and dessert. I decided to make 2 pies for dessert. The first is a strawberry pie with a creamy base. You start with a pre-baked pie shell.

Then make a creamy base made with a package of Dream Whip (I use skim milk) and, 3/4 c. powdered sugar mixed with a package of cream cheese (I used the 1/3 less fat variety).

Then prepare a package of strawberry Junket (available at HyVee). I just use half a package otherwise it's too syrupy. Mix with a pound or a little more of sliced fresh strawberries. Delightfully delicious.

The other was just plain cherry pie. I don't use the canned cherry pie filling. I use canned tart cherries mixed with some sugar and flour. I put a little cinnamon in it too.

And I made a couple of loaves of bread.

We had a good meeting. Wrap-up of this year's event and making plans for next year.

We have 2 new members: welcome Amy Anshus and Randy Quint! Great additions to a great group. Laura and John have done a wonderful job of spearheading this event. Amy, bless her heart, had a gift for me. I was blown away. A pink "princess" spatula from William Sonoma. Commemorating my participation the Disney princess half marathon. It's perfect. I love it. :-)

I believe that's a wrap for Sunday. Which then brings me to today. It started with my Monday morning hill workout (out to Mayowood, Lenwood Drive hill repeats, Merrihills, Mayowood, Fox Valley Dr). I felt great this morning. I did 7 repeats of Lenwood Drive hill and wasn't trashed when I was done. Got home and had 12.62 miles in 1:43:27. Pleased as punch. Then ... this afternoon I went for a bike ride. The wind was decidedly from the south. No doubt about it. So I rode my Salem Corners, Rock Dell, High Forest loop. OMG. I was so happy to finally turn north at High Forest. Even the cross wind was nasty. Just about blew me over a few times. Riding straight south was downright unpleasant, and a bit chilly. I was so glad I tucked my arm warmers into my jersey pocket. I think my face is wind burned. I flew going north. 36.59 miles. And I was starving when I got home. And I was starving a couple of minutes ago. Baby carrots just aren't doing it for me!! For supper I had a salad ...

some asparagus and a frittata made with potato, salsa, green onions, a couple of eggs and a couple of egg whites. Sorry for the poor picture quality.

Tomorrow for speedwork there are two options available (and probably a third with the TriRochester folks somewhere): just after 5:00 at Soldier's Field track or 6:00 at the Byron Middle School track. Please feel free to join us. Run at your own pace. I'd forgotten I'd purchased these ds trainers over the winter for racing in.

I haven't broken them in yet so I don't think I should race in them on Sunday. And I don't know if I want to wear them at the outdoor cinder track tomorrow and get them all dirty. They're so pretty. :-) So ... I might break them in on the roads sometime soon.

I mentioned last week that I'd forgotten to pay (or even ask for) my bill at the Bear's Den on Thursday. My bad. I'm so absent minded at my advanced age. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the collection for my Diet Pepsi. You guys are the best. : )

TriRochester, the local multi-sport club, is resurrecting their social gathering this week. Thursday, 7:00 at Glynner's Pub on north Broadway. You don't need to be a member to join in the festivities. The "old" club technical shirts will be given away as door prizes and will be for sale for $5 each.

Looking at the responses to my 2 most recent polls on the sidebar, it looks like my bleaders are of the "early to bed, early to rise" variety! I have to admit that I'm one myself, but lately I've not done too well on the "early to bed" part of that description. I never seem to get enough sleep. Lately I've been thinking about my New Year's resolutions. I should revisit them and see how well I'm doing. Not very well I'm afraid.

Just got an email from John Resman about super speedy local runner Joey Keillor being interested in putting on a summer running program for high school runners. Great idea! I'm looking forward to getting the details from Joey.

I got such a nice email last night from faithful bleader Suzanne Dinusson, John's wife. She has tried many of my cookie recipes and shares the products of her efforts with friends and family. She sent me some pictures of her cookies and her two grandsons making cookies. I have to have her resend them though as they're embedded in an email and not saveable to my PC. They're wonderful pix.

I could go on, but I think I should call it quits for today and get to bed now. I'll read a little bit first.

I have this little shopping bag from lululemon that has lots of neat quotes on it. I'll close with one of them.

"The conscious brain can only hold one thought at a time. Choose a positive thought."

Good night, friends. I am so thankful for each and every one of you.

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