Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Lots of miles on my legs in the last 7 days. And not enough horizontal time. I'm definitely in need of a nap today. On Monday after the hygienist cleaned my teeth there was a bit of a wait for Dr. Bouquet to get there to give me a check-up and I actually fell asleep in the dentist's chair. No cavitites. : )

Small group last night @ the track. (Above, Roger, Joe, Peter, Chris). Andy, Marv, Randy, Roger and myself. (And Joe, Chris, Peter with the other group.) We decided to do 800s and 400s. I did a 400 (1:29) and then 3 x 800 (2:57 3:04 2:58) and another 400 (1:23). My calves were cramping and I was just out of gas so I had to call it quits after that. Andy was flying last night ... and Randy was right behind. And I was hanging on for dear life.

This morning I was at the Y at 5:15 to run with Bruce, Lisa and Mark. Well, Mark showed up but wasn't running outdoors (it was too foggy he said). And Lisa didn't show up at all!! So Bruce and I hit the roads. By the time I got home I had in 12.50 foggy miles. Brain fog and weather fog. All good, though. Home by 7:00. I'm never home by 7:00, so it's nice to not be rushed this morning. As I rounded the corner off of Folwell Dr, a foot in front of me was an opossum. They are really ugly creatures, I have to say. He quickly scurried across the street. I didn't scream or freak out or anything. Only snakes do that to me.

The Couch Potato has a new home as of Monday evening. I sent it home with Laura for Sam and Abby (and maybe Todd!) to enjoy.

I think I will be going to St. Cloud for the breakfast run on Saturday. Weather doesn't sound real wonderful, but that's the way it goes. It will be great to see everyone. Tom Woo will soon be an official St. Cloud River Runner. And he's a member of the USATF. So ... he's going to be running for the men's SCRR race team. I am very excited! He will for sure score points for the team. I run for the women's team. First race is the Human Race 8K. If the weather is anything close to decent I'll race it (3/28) and do a water stop for the RAC run on 3/27.

Jim Mason has Tracy McCray (used to be on KROC AM, and writes for the P-B) as his official started for the Chester Woods races. I like her. She wrote an article about "running to finish" recently (I'm really behind on the paper so haven't read it yet). Jim passed along a link as well: link in Jim's blog.

Runner/marathoner/P-B writer Greg Sellnow was in a recent issue of rochester magazine. He wore the "Gruve" device which monitors your activity level. He did pretty well I'd say. And lost 4 pounds.

So, last night after the track we went to Beetles. Andy and Roger agreed to play 20 (Or So) Questions with Renee. I'll start with Andy:

Last movie you watched? The Dirty Dozen
Ever gotten a speeding ticket?  Yes. (No further information provided. : )
First car? Green 1974 Ford Pinto with lime green vinyl interior. Sweet!!
Play an instrument? Harmonica
Ever gone skydiving? Yes. Florida keys.
Ketchup or mustard or both on a hot dog? Ketchup.
Favorite running shoe? New Balance.
Do you weigh more or less than what's listed on your drivers license? Less.
Eye color? Brown
Favorite race? Whistlestop
Favorite cookie? "All of them."
Any tattoos or piercings? Yes. Pierced left ear. Two tattoos, including an unfinished sun around his belly button. He said that the tattoo artist ended up in prison before he could finish the sun. : )
Electric razor or straight edge? Straight edge
White or dark meat (poultry)? White
Ever worn braces? yes
Where were you born? Cary, NC
Have you ever broken a bone? "No. But I've been shot once." (I just couldn't stop laughing at that reply. On the opening night of Ghostbusters, a neighbor kid shot him in the neck with a pellet gun. The pellet is still in there.)
Coke or Pepsi? Coke
Favorite vegetable? Asparagus
Favorite pizza topping? Mushrooms
Favorite book? To Kill A Mockingbird
Favorite Rochester restaurant? Newts
Favorite nut? Almonds
How many siblings? Two older brothers (one adopted)
Hobbies? Biking, fishing, camping
Favorite grocery store? HyVee
Sleep on your back, stomach or side? Back
Play high school sport? Soccer
Google, bing or Yahoo? Google

Bonus info: He's been to 22 Grateful Dead concerts. Wow. That's a groupie!

Roger, you're going to have to wait 'til the next post. Still have to eat breakfast and get to work.


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