Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SRQ ... at long last!

It's been quite a journey getting down here. Up at 3:15, showered, only to find out that my first flight, to Atlanta, had been cancelled due to weather (ice and snow). Bah, humbug. Shuttle desk was closed, so I drove down to St. Mary's to tell them that I would not be on the 4 am shuttle and would reschedule later. Went home, got on a later flight(10:34 am), and went back to bed for an hour. Got up at 5:45 and did an hour on the StairMaster before leaving. The 7:45 shuttle was late ... which put me at final boarding when I finally got to MSP. Only to find out that I wasn't on their passenger list and my assigned seat, 17E, had been doubly assigned. So she sent me to talk to someone else ... who finally found my itinerary and got me a seat. 3F. That was sounding like ... business class!Yes. Comfy seats, a FULL can of pop rather than a cup full of ice and 2 oz. of pop. :-) Chips (tho I didn't take any). Life was looking up. I decided to check my bag at the gate at MSP against my better judgement I think as the day wasn't exactly going as planned, but I knew I'd be in Atlanta for quite a while and would want to walk and I didn't want to be dragging that thing around. So off it went.

The flight to Atlanta was uneventful. I sat next to a female pilot. She was based in Atlanta but lived in the cities with her 16 and 18 year old kids. She was flying to Atlanta to go to work (fly to Chicago and then Orlando). She works 3 days and then is off 4 days. I asked her if she had a military background but she said that no, she went the expensive, private flight training route. She was a nice gal. When I got to Atlanta I found that my second flight had been delayed an hour. So I walked for 1/2 an hour, read for 1/2 an hour for 3 hours. : ) I started reading My Life in France by Julia Child and I really like it. It's going to be a quick read. Checked the messages at the law office and made a phone call. The service counters for the airlines had huge lines ... no doubt because of all the late and cancelled flights. It was snowing and blowing in Atlanta. The weather was much nicer at MSP!!!

I'd brought a 1 lb. bag of baby carrots and a bagel so munched on those at about 2:00. Later in the afternoon they announced that there were emergency exit aisle seats available and if you wanted one, step up to the podium. Well, I wanted one of those! More leg room. So I got one and when I got on the plane, the middle seat was empty. So flying was actually quite comfortable yesterday, even though it took all day to get here. The flight attendant (male) that was making the announcements was a stitch. When we were taking off, and the masks were being demonstrated he was being funny. When we landed he said " ... overhead bin contents may have shifted, blah, blah ..." and then "Shift happens." Everyone laughed. He then thanked us for flying AirTran and said something about Delta ... "Delta Even Later Than AirTran" and everyone laughed again.

Well, I'm sitting at Panera on my way to the Y to swim (indoors). It's a miserable day here. Windy, cloudy and 56 degrees. So I think we might go to the outlet mall and save the rest of the time, forecast for sun, for outdoor activities.

I forgot my camera cord, but my dad has the same camera so I'll be able to post photos. Better get moving. Talk at ya later.