Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fog. Rain. Dreary.

Another full day. It started with ... 7 hours of sleep!! Hallelujah. It's been a while. Definitely a good way to start my day.

I finally got myself out the door for my tempo run at 6:55 am and what did I hear as I went into the garage?? Thunder. Wonderful. It was raining lightly and I had a hat with a brim, a jacket, and old shoes so I figured I was good to go, though I'd sure have preferred no rain. I got onto Folwell Drive and saw two runners on the sidewalk ... Peter and Devin. I asked where they were running and whether I could join them and decided to do my 2 mile warmup with them. They were kind of looping on/over the hill. I decided I'd start my tempo run when I got down off the hill and onto the bike path. I stayed on the path bordering the 52 frontage road for my tempo miles, turning around when I got to the Jehovah Witness building (before the hill. :-) and again when I got to the lights on Bamber Valley Road. Mile splits: 6:49  6:39  6:40  Then I did 2 x 800m (3:07 and 3:03) and 2 x 400m (1:29  and 1:28) A good workout, but I got really wet. At times the rain was coming down pretty hard and my hands got cold and shoes were really wet. Total mileage for the morning: 11.01 miles. Made it to work by 9:00. :-)

Matt left for Chicago this morning with his friend Jackie. They're staying in Aurora with her aunt and uncle, and going into the city for one of the days. I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies last night (at about 9:15!!) for him to bring for the family. The first pan turned out fine. For the second one, I forgot to set the timer and forgot about them and they're ... very crunchy. I hated to throw them away, so I didn't. They're edible, but ... very crunchy.

This afternoon I decided to bake the cookies for those that had the correct answers for the "Where Is It?" and "Who Is It?" contests in the March newsletter.

Snickerdoodles for Marilee (she doesn't like chocolate) ...

chocolate chip for Peg Arnold (who requested chocolate chip as they're Wally's favorite) ...

and double chocolate (these are killer) for Ron Giles.

I attended the RTC board meeting to report on my status for the Fetzer.
The picture doesn't show it, but the room was packed. Lots of race directors needing to report on their race status (for insurance purposes). Just like old times.

Then it was off to Byron to (try to) meet up with the Team R.E.D.

runners on the 6-mile course. I decided I'd run the course backwards, hoping I'd meet up with them in the first 2 miles. Didn't happen. The course had apparently been changed due to fog or something. I finally decided to turn around at just over 2.5 miles when I was heading out of town on County 5. I'd run out of streetlights and decided I didn't want any more mileage. When I got back to the Bear's Den, I had 5.18 miles and the gang was all there!! It was a big group tonight. I'd say about 20 or so.

I'd been there just a few minutes when this guy from the bar walks over and starts talking to me. Something about "how do you guys stay so skinny?" and "I heard you make really good cookies." It was all kind of bizarre. Anyway, after inviting him to have a cookie several times, he decided yes, he'd have one. Then he said his friends at the end of the bar were talking about us too. So I asked him if his friends wanted a cookie too. He thought they probably would. Sure enough. They did. Maybe even 3 or 4. :-) This is one of the guys, Cal. He said the cookies were the best ever. He used different language, but we'll leave it at that. I'm out there trying to change the world, one (or two!) cookie at a time. :-)

One of the other guys, Mark, has run 20 marathons so we did quite a bit of talking about running. Tom O' says he's said in the past that he'd join us sometime, but has yet to make the move. I'll keep working on him. :-) And I finally remembered to write out my oatmeal raisin cookie recipe for our usual server. I think her name is Lori.

This is Joe, one of the owners. I know him from the Y. He's on a crutch. Just had both knees replaced. He's a very nice guy.

The 3 Musketeers. Or something. :-)

I'm sure there's a name for this move. I just don't know what it is. Something from pairs ice skating, guys??

As always, a very fun evening. The fog was absolutely terrible coming back into town. I drove 40 mph on highway 14 (65 mph speed limit). Could hardly see a few car lengths in front of me.

Don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour on Saturday night. I'll lose that daylight I've been enjoying in the morning. At least for a little while, anyway.

Lots of options for an early start at the RAC on Saturday morning for extra miles ... 6:00, 6:15 or 6:40 starts.

I've got 20 questions for Karl-Peter and Wendy Jo (you need 2 first names to be included today!). And some race photos from the Princess Half. ( I am unphotogenic in general, but particularly when I'm running). But that will have to wait until tomorrow. It's time for bed.

Good night!!


Julie said...

Yes Renee, your cookies are the best!!

Kate said...

Hi Renee! My mom sent me the link to your blog. I couldn't find your email address so I thought maybe I could catch you on here somehow. I'm just easing into running & tomorrow I'm doing 10 miles for the first time. Just wondering if you know of an easy route I could do? Or should I just pick any road & go? :) Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks!! -Kate Klocke