Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday in Florida

Greetings from Florida! It's sunny today, but still cool (50s) and windy. Not much warmer than in MN, truthfully, but no snow. Or ice. : ) I started my day by lifting and swimming. No running. No elliptical. So I'm offically tapering. Tomorrow, an off day. And then off to Orlando to meet up with Lisa and Ellen. They requested "princess cookies". I'm considering that Oatmal Chocolate Super Chunk cookies qualify.

When I got done with my swim, I sat outside in back of the house in the sun, out of the wind, and read my book. I'm about 2/3 done. And I got a little pink. : ) Perfect for our upcoming "pink" weekend!

Dad has lots of pictures on his desk. Here is one of me when I was little.

I suppose I'm about 3 here. Here's a picture of my dad last night playing dart ball (baseball played with darts). His team won 14-1.

Today dad and I went to St. Armand's Circle

and had lunch at Coconuts ...

 and did a little shopping. It was a very nice afternoon. I had the Burrito Bowl Salad.

It was very good. Then we drove by the beach, which is beautiful even in the cold

Well, I'm going to close this out and get to the grocery store to get the ingredients needed for my cookies. To all running at the RAC in the morning, have a good run!! See you next week.

And talk to you over the weekend. Toodles!