Friday, March 12, 2010

Let's meet ...

Karl-Peter Hammer!! He and his wife Rachel moved to Rochester last summer from New Orleans and jumped right into the running crowd. And we're so happy they did! Karl-Peter was a willing subject for 20 (or so) Questions from Renee last night at the  Bear's Den, so here you go. Let's meet K-P!!

What's with the two part name? It's part of my Norwegian heritage.
Do you have a middle name? Yes, Ranier.
Favorite running shoe? Saucony
Do you have any piercings or tattoos? Yes, 3 tattoos.
What color are your eyes? Hazel
Where were you born? Seattle, WA
What are your favorite sports to watch on TV? Soccer and rugby
What is your favorite toothpaste? Wintergreen CREST
What is your favorite color? Green
Do you play a musical instrument? Bass guitar
What is your favorite musical genre? Blues (no surprise coming from New Orleans!)
Do you play an instrument? Bass guitar
Do you wear glasses or contacts? Yes, both.
What is your favorite running race? The marathon and the favorites are Chicago and the Birmingham (AL) Mercedes marathons.
What was your first car? '76 Trans Am
What's the fastest you've ever driven? 120 mph
Favorite movie? The Blues Brothers
Favorite fruit? Bananas
Favorite place to visit? Scandinavia
Favorite beer? Rogue Ale "Dead Guy"
Favorite pizza topping? Pepperoni and green pepper
Favorite indulgence food? Peanut m&ms (I totally agree with that one!)
Ketchup or mustard or both on a hot dog? Only mustard (I agree!)
Have you ever worn braces? No
Favorite holiday? St. Patrick's Day
Favorite cookie? (Wife) Rachel's chocolate chip cookies :-)

OK! Now it's time to meet someone else with two first names. Wendy Jo O'Leary!! I'm glad that she graciously agreed to being assaulted by my multitude of questions as well. She's a sweetheart. Let's meet Wendy ...

Eye color? Hazel
Favorite pop? Diet COKE Splenda
Ketchup or mustard or both on a hot dog? Both
Favorite color? Orange
Favorite season? Fall
Favorite cookie? Molasses (soft, not crunchy)
Favorite holiday? Christmas
Do you like beef cooked rare, medium or well-done? Medium
Where were you born? Madelia, MN in a snowstorm, 6 weeks early
Favorite pizza topping? Vegeterian
Favorite ink pen color? Purple gel pens
First car? Ford Pinto
Do you wear glasses or contacts? No
What would you have for your last meal? Chinese food
Are you right- or left-handed? Right
Do you play a musical instrument? Piano
Do you prefer gloves or mittens? Gloves
Favorite movie? Pride & Prejudice
Favorite book? The Glass Castle (by Jeannette Wells--it's wonderful; I agree)
Favorite TV show? The Office
Red or white wine? Red
Favorite chip? Nacho cheese Doritos
Milk, semi-sweet or dark chocolate? Dark (me too!)
Favorite birthday cake? (take note, Tom!) Chocolate with buttercream frosting (white)
Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket? Yes, at age 17
Favorite Rochester restaurant? Chester's (good choice)
What do you order at DQ? Small vanilla cone or a Dilly Bar
Favorite nut? Pecan (Tom was not among the choices :-)
Favorite female singer? Martina McBride

So ... do you feel like you know them a bit better? I hope so. And I hope to be able to continue to get people to play "20 (or so) Questions" with me! I think it's pretty fun.

Here are a couple of photos from the Princess Half. Really bad hair. Not good photos. But they are what they are. I do like the one of us 3 "princesses" though, even though my eyes are closed. We had such a fun  time together.

Tomorrow I'm going to a St. Pat's party that involves: Irish or green food, green beverages, a potato decorating contest, Irish dancing and limericks. Sounds very fun. :-)

I talked to Matt this evening. They went into Chicago today and went to Navy Pier, Watertower Place (shopping--expensive) and somewhere else that escapes me right now. They rode the train and had a really fun time. I'm very happy for him.

Well, that's all I know for today. See some of you at the RAC in the morning. See some of you "on the roads". And the rest ... cyberspace I guess!!

Have a good one.

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