Monday, July 18, 2011

What Can You Say?

It's miserable out there. Sultry. Sauna-like. Steamy. Sticky. And it's going to stay that way for several more days. The meteoroligists are having a field day with all these numbers ... dew points in the mid-80s, "feels like" 118, and on KROC AM they said that the only place on earth with higher humidity is the Amazon rain forest. Whoa. So ... this was supper, as it is about 90% of the time.

This afternoon I went over to some friend' house to pick (tart) cherries. What a coup. The tree is full. I got two partial pails picked, but then gave up as it was just way too miserable to be outside. I stripped down to my sports bra and running shorts and the sweat was just running off me. And I was basically just standing there.

Yesterday morning I ran 4 miles with Jean, Laura, Tom and Dave (and John joined us for coffee afterwards).

It was my come-back run after a 2 1/2 week layoff. No problems. No pain. :-) All good. I haven't tried running today (yet). It's just way too miserable out there. Maybe tomorrow. BTW: My run-a-mile-a-day-for-the-year streak is broken. I didn't get it done on Saturday. Didn't have a good day. No excuses. Oh well. Spent the ENTIRE rest of the day yesterday working on/in this house. It's looking pretty good. Still a few more things to get done before it's showable (I have perfectionist qualities, I admit) but I'm pretty close. Today's workout: lift and swim an hour.

I'm sporting some unique tan lines these days due to biking ...

Due to my biking gloves
.. and the removal of my kinesiotape.

You can sign up for the Med-City Marathon or Half Marathon today (and through Tuesday now) for $30 for 2012 in celebration of race director Peg and Wally Arnold's 30th wedding anniversary today. Sign up at

The RTC Annual Picnic is Thursday, August 25 at Soldier's Field Park (east shelter) at 6:00 PM. Bring a dish to pass. The RTC will provide table service and beverages. I plan to be there, so you can pretty much count on cookies as well. :-)

I had the weirdest thing happen on Facebook early this morning. As soon as I got on, I got a chat message from a FB friend that said she wasn't doing well, went to London on the spur of the moment, got mugged at gun point and they took her phone, credit cards and cash and she needed my help. She needed some money to settle the hotel bill. Well, I was getting suspicious. The words weren't sounding like my friend (some typos) so I asked a question that would identify her. The "person" responded with someone's name, but it wasn't the right name. But it was the name of the person who'd posted most recently on my news feed. And these people don't know each other. Freaked me out. I turned around to make sure no one was looking over my shoulder. Anyway, my friend's account had been hacked. I've had a few weird things happen on FB, but nothing interactive like that. Beware.

Stay cool ... if that's possible.

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