Friday, July 22, 2011

Back ... I Hope

I decided to run this morning. I've been pushing it on the bike and needed to use some different muscles. I had a REALLY good ride yesterday.

The humidity and temp had dropped, there was a 2 mph wind from the west, so I decided to ride my northerly loop through Salem Corners, Byron, Pine Island, Douglas before work. I left just before six thinking I was cutting it pretty close on time (it's about 42 miles) in order to be cleaned up, fed, and at work by 9:00. But yahoo ... I had 15 minutes to spare when I got home. Really felt good. 42.44 miles. Best ride ever on that course by .7 mph (average speed). There's a huge difference between say 16.0 and 18.0 mph for an average speed and a HUGE difference between 18.0 and 20.0 mph. So I was happy. Tom Woo asked me the fastest speed at which I've ever taken a photo. I didn't know for sure ... probably 24 mph or so ... always on the flats or uphill though, never going downhill. Too dangerous. So yesterday I took a photo on County 5 as I approached the stop sign on County 3.  So that's my new PR for "speed on the flats while taking a photo". 25.0 mph.

Back to my morning run. 7.21 miles (my around the hill loop). It felt so good to be running without pain. It was muggy though. By mile 6 sweat was flying off my fingertips. So I'm hoping that I continue with some running and possibly even get into shape before the end of the year. John Shonyo mentioned he's doing the Minneapolis Duathlon the end of August. I'm thinking maybe I'll sign up ...

My photo was published in Bike Rumor yesterday with a link to my blog. Kinda cool ... there are some pretty impressive photos out there (mine NOT included). Helped Dawn L. B. look at bikes yesterday. She's still pondering a purchase.

Good luck and have fun to everyone running in the Warrior Dash this weekend. Sounds very ... interesting ... muddy .... challenging ... and like a whole lot of fun. :-)

Gotta run ...

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