Sunday, July 10, 2011


As mentioned in my last post, I decided to ride to Hayfield yesterday after going down to the Farmer's Market for golden beets for my supper club meal tomorrow evening. There were plenty to be found.

I got some red ones for myself to roast. Yum. Love 'em. Unfortunately I waited until mid-morning to ride down to Hayfield. By then it was plenty windy, from the south. So mostly I was dealing with a cross-wind. I rode to Rock Dell and then west on Olmsted 26/Dodge 4 to Highway Dodge T, 2 miles north of Hayfield and then into town. The riding surface wasn't perfect after getting into Dodge County but there was little to no traffic which was nice.

Hayfield was pretty quiet on a Saturday afternoon. Not much goin' on.

50.72 miles round trip. Not a terribly long ride, but good enough I guess. I had things to get done at home too. I'd planned to meet some friends for a glass of wine and then hit the St. John's Block Party afterwards. Plans can and do change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not. Sometimes they just change. :-) Late afternoon I got a call from Eric asking what my plans were for dinner. I told him about the SJBP and then made arrangements to meet him and Matt downtown for a bite somewhere. We ended up at Victoria's which was very crowded due to a convention in town. We had such a nice supper together. I had one of the heart-healthy entrees on the menu, with whole wheat spaghetti.

One of the members of our little group ended up in St. Mary's E.R. with a possible kidney stone, so those plans for the evening changed, unfortunately not for the better. But a few of us still made it to the Block Party. Not sure of the band's name here, but it was E.L.O. music (and costumes and hair from the 70's) which was a blast from my past. And kind of fun.

It was a beautiful summer evening for a block party.

Saw several people I knew including Meredith and a co-worker. Fun way to spend the evening.

My knee feels fine. Bike never bothers it. Tried a few (just a FEW ... maybe 5) running strides the other day just out of curiosity. No knee pain. But I'm not dying to get back to running just yet. I need a mental and emotional reset first. The last year has brought dreadful results in my running life and I need to get beyond that. And then start over.

I picked a few perennials from my garden the other day as a little pick-me-up. A girl can never have too many flowers.

Well, I suppose I better decide what today's workout is going to be. Even though yesterday wasn't a hard one, I feel tired. Sleepy tired. So I'm not sure what I'll do. Thinking about heading to the pool at 11:00. And maybe when the rain subsides I'll go for a little ride somewhere. Wherever the wind takes me. :-)

Enjoy the day.

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