Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Of Onesies and Twosies ...

I decided to ride again this morning. It was pretty breezy from the south, but otherwise not a bad morning. Certainly less humid than yesterday. I left at sunrise. 40.07 miles.

I think we are losing 1 or 2 minutes of daylight each day or so. Sunrise is definitely getting later. I brought ... 1 90-calorie granola bar and 2 water bottles. Only 1 red-winged blackbird came in for a landing on my helmet, but 2 dogs chased me. What an adrenaline rush. It was way south on county 3 and I saw them tearing out of the yard toward the road. My thoughts ... will they run in front of the bike and I'm going down? Will they nip at my foot or leg? Will they just run alongside and bark? I didn't know. So I put the hammer down and outpedaled them. Required me going 23 mph into the wind. Ugh. The first digit in my speed was always a 1 going south or west, but it was sweet to see it switch to a 2 going east and (especially) north. I saw 3 other cyclists, going the other direction. I gave a little wave to each of them as I always do. One returned my wave, the other 2 didn't. Still don't understand. Even a nod acknowledging the greeting would be fine. I'd say 20% of less of cyclists return my greeting. Dislike.

There's a website that has a bike "pic of the day" An editor emailed today that one of mine would be used this week along with a link to my blog. Sweet. :-)

Congrats to Matt and Sawra who are brand new parents of beautiful little Maya. And congrats to Joe and Sara who will be parents for the fifth time in February. :-)

This afternoon I went to the pool to swim for an hour. Got talking to the guy in the next lane (for way too long). He was from FL. He said this weather was worse than Florida. I heard on the radio that the heat index in Moorhead was 130 yesterday, the highest ever recorded in Minnesota. Enough already. But tomorrow does sound better. All the summer camp kids were in the pool and I was afraid they were going to jump on those of us swimming in the lap lanes. A few did jump in but luckily no one landed on us. :-)

I picked some more tart cherries this afternoon and made a batch of jam.

Cherry jam is definitely one of my favorites. I felt like having more than a salad for supper. I've been pretty hungry all day. So I made some butternut squash ravioli and sauteed it with some peppers, onion and basil (I wish I had some fresh sage ... that would have been better). But it was tasty.

There is a juggling convention going on in town this weekend. This morning a runner was attempting to set a 5K "joggling" world record. Larry Pederson took a few photos. Joey Keillor was his pacer (good pick). He was on pace for the first few miles, but wasn't successful in his record attempt. Kudos for trying!

I had my second PT appointment this afternoon. He gave me more bright pink kinesiotape

and said to continue stretching and strengthening and let pain (hopefully none!) be my guide while running. Ice if necessary. Back off if necessary.

Enough for today. Enjoy the rest of your today and all of your tomorrow.

Good night ..............

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