Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oh What Fun It Is To Ride!!

It's sooooo much fun. I had a beautiful 36.65 mile ride this morning. My usual Salem Corners, Rock Dell, High Forest loop. Upper 60's when I left (actually felt a little chill!), little wind, clear skies. Wonderful conditions. Just outside High Forest I noticed something I'd never noticed before. This.

Either I've not been very obserant in the countless times I've ridden this course, or it's new. But it's created some fun chatter on Facebook. The only (?) issue I see is that there's no TP holder up there. So I guess it's BYO TP. :-)

This evening I rode just under 32 miles with Jen and Paul.

What an absolutely lovely evening it was.

Just a perfect summer day. We rode west from the RAC on 19th St NW, then south on 104 to 2nd St SW where Paul unfortunately flatted. But he impressed both Jen and I with his flat-fixing ability. :-)

Don't worry. We helped. Then we continued west to County 3 and went south to Salem Corners where we turned west on County 25 to where it ends. Then we reversed the course coming back into town except we went down the big hill on 2nd St SW. What a rush! We had just a wonderful ride. Great fun. We'll be riding again tomorrow at 5:30 at the Bear's Den in Byron so we can hopefully finish up the ride about the time the runners are finishing up their runs. Feel free to join us! Either riding or running. Runners/walkers start at 6:00.

We gave Paul Christian some leftover Rochester Half Marathon hats which he brought on his recent mission trip to Tanzania. It's wonderful to see them being used, halfway around the world.

I love these pictures. He also brought T-shirts to be given away.

I'm FINALLY caught up on old newspapers. I see that Mike Torchia qualified for the Olympic marathon trials by running a sub-1:05 half marathon at Grandma's a few weeks ago. Wow. I chatted with his brother Ian for a minute about it yesterday at All Comers'. What an accomplishment. Congrats Mike!!

Here's a link to a really nice story on KAAL about the Sorenson family from Rochester. They sound like a very nice family. The story also contains footage of the All Comers' Mile (in the middle of the piece and at the end). Thanks for sharing Jim (Mason)!

Well, that's it for today. 68 miles on the bike. A good day. Tomorrow morning I'll be in the pool. Enjoy your evening. Or what's left of it anyway ...

Good night.

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