Monday, July 25, 2011

So Much To Do ...

Spent the entire day working on this house and I am exhausted. The little (and big) jobs seem to spontaneously generate. Everywhere I look there is still something to do it seems. I am making progress though. This will be a short post, though, as I need to relax for a few minutes. Last night was another night with far too little sleep.

Today's workout: 10.08 mile run. No pain. Yesterday's workout: a 50.50 mile bike ride in the direction of Hayfield. I got to within two miles north but kept riding west and then north so never got into town. It was quite foggy.

During the afternoon I made black raspberry jam using berries found along the bike paths. They have such wonderful flavor. There were lots of people out picking yesterday. I went for a 7.46 mile walk during the evening and there were pickers galore.

Then I made a cherry pie, using fresh tart cherries. It's delicious.

My friend Lisa sent me a couple of Warrior Dash photos of her and a friend. Lisa is the blonde. Looks like they had a blast!!

Lori ... is that you on the right?

The Olmsted County Fair is this week. I'm not entering any cookies this year. Don't want to waste even three cookies. The judges just do not like my cookies and that's the way it is. Humph.

So tired. Good night.

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