Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I've tuned into the Tour de France a couple of times in the last few days and it seems like there has been crash after crash recently. And one rider was hit by a vehicle coming up from behind. Senseless and unnecessary.

Me, I wanted to crash all day today. I got about 3 hours of sleep again last night, so I've just been dragging. But I somehow found the energy to clean and organize the basement, can peaches,

and paint some of the boys' bathroom. However, I discovered I was using paint 2 shades too dark (color 1116 vs. 1114). So I've got to go to Struve's tomorrow and get a quart of 1114 and do it again. :-(

Then Matt and I went to Flapdoodles for some ice cream. I had a Salty Caramel Flapdoodle. Matt had a scoop of Birthday Cake and one of Raspberry Cheesecake.

Morning workout today, lift and swim an hour. And my daily mile of course. What a lovely evening it turned out to be. If I had the time, I'd have gone for a long walk.

Yesterday I woke up at 4:30 to find the electricity off. Guess there was a storm that blew through on Sunday night. Didn't hear a thing. Electricity came back on at 6:45. I must have been really tired as I'm usually a light sleeper. Yesterday I went to Firefly Berries to pick raspberries.

Then I made a batch of jam.

I never got in a morning workout. Just kept plugging away around the house ... until Joe posted on Facebook wondering if anyone wanted to ride late afternoon/early evening. So we met out on Salem Road about 4:30. I think we rode about 20 miles together (including Joe's first trip up Weatherhill Dr) before I had to head for home to get ready for Cooking Light. It was a very nice ride. Thanks Joe!!

I got in 51.11 miles and Joe was going for 75. He's training for Ironman Wisconsin in September.

Complete info is on the Team R.E.D. Blog but there is a work night Thursday at 5:30 in Byron, putting together a playground which will be dedicated to the memory of Paul Melby. It's also a potluck. (I think I'll bring a pan of peach crisp.) All are welcome.

Joey Keillor is doing his H.S. running camp again this year and could use some adult helpers. It begins July 17. Here's a little snippet from Joey's email: "The summer running program is for high school athletes in Rochester (and beyond). It will go from July 17 through August 11 (4 weeks). We meet three days a week on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7:00. Location varies...but the three main spots this year will be Quarry Hill, Kellogg Middle School and Bamber Valley Elementary." Cotnact Joey at rochester.running@gmail.com if you can help out ... even if it's just one night.

Greg Hagen can use some assistance at the Douglas Trail runs. Here's the scoop: "I need about 15 volunteers to help at Douglas Trail Race on Saturday morning August 6, 2011. Need people for registration, race finish, course marshalls, 2 water stops, 2 cyclists (lead and sweep), help with refreshments post race. Offer race t-shirt to volunteers. If interested in volunteering please contact me at e-mail:  gthagen@gofast.am "

That's all I know today. And that's more than enough. Good night ...

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