Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas, redux

Well, I didn't get a 'Merry Christmas' post done, so ... Merry day-after Christmas to you!

First things first: Tomorrow, Saturday, is the Polar Bear Fun Run (5K and 10K or whatever distance you choose to run ... or not run!) and free lunch at the Rochester Family Y. Running will commence at 11:00 AM and lunch will be ready whenever you get back. Please join us!! I'll be unloading my Christmas cookies. Got to get them out of here!

Registration for Med-City Med-City marathon or half marathon is $30 through 12/31. Save $20!!

20% off regular priced apparel at Running Room December 26 - January 4. Resolution Run 5K registration is available online only until tomorrow, 12/27.

Wednesday morning, I ran 10.00 miles. I think it was still morning when I left, but barely. I kept postponing breakfast until after I ran, but kept finding things to do first. Items of somewhat dubious interest during the run: The Holmes family was on their way out of town to visit Leah's mom and saw me coming on 2nd St SW and waited to say hi. Such a nice family. I quickly popped into Tyrol Ski & Sports shortly after that. Hadn't been in there this season. There's always lots of fun stuff to look at in there. Saw a beautiful red boiled wool coat with a black and white Icelandic design on it. Loved it until I looked at the price. $218. On average, their prices are very reasonable. Have a look! They have more than just ski stuff. A few miles later on the highway 52 frontage road, a silver Honda Accord pulls up next to me. Looks just like my car. The passenger windows comes down. I hear, "Hey, fast girl!" OK. Go ahead ... make my day, whoever you are! It's Eric! (My son.) Such a good kid. Short story long, I finally had my morning oatmeal at about 1:00 PM. :-)

Matt and I made lefse on Wednesday and I'm happy to report that it was very successful! I'd tried it a couple of times a long time ago and had lots of trouble with it being so sticky, and subsequently very frustrating. I received a new recipe which worked perfectly. :-)

Overall, my "homemade" Christmas went well. The high points: the boys opening their copies of my life story. They were so happy to get them and read them on the spot, not that it's an engrossing story or anything. But it made it worth the effort.

They also liked their recipe books from me. Eric said it kind of freaked him out ... thinking that he's going to be out of school, ready to be on his own in a couple of months. I guess come to think of it, it kind of freaks me out too.

Matt made scarves for everyone. I was very impressed. They're kind of braided/woven. He made up the method himself he said. You can see them in the photos above. I told Eric what I most wanted for Christmas was to go for a run with him before he leaves for Europe (again!). We've never run together. He said he would, and even printed out a certificate for me to redeem for a run of up to 8 miles. You can bet that I'm going to redeem every one of those 8 miles!

Christmas dinner was turkey with all the trimmings. And cookies, of course. My brother and his family came over.

I'll run in the morning by myself before the Polar Bear. Mileage? Undecided. Whatever my legs, and my brain, feel like I guess.

Matt is going for a ride-along with my brother tomorrow night (Saturday 7 PM to 5 AM, Matt's normal out-and-about hours anyway!). My brother is a Dodge County sheriff's deputy. Last time Matt did this, a 15-year old girl rolled her dad's brand new pickup (she walked away, literally ... another no-no) after her boyfriend argued with them.

Quote for the day: "A smile is a curve that sets everything straight." --Phyllis Diller

Until tomorrow.

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