Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Almost home

Nice day. The weather is better than yesterday (it's all relative at this time of year), we're getting a nice gentle snowfall, Matt just baked some spritz cookies,

I'm sitting here listening to Jack Johnson ("In Between Dreams") on my iPod, blogging away, ... Life is good. Indeed.

My son Eric comes home from Europe tomorrow. I sooooo can't wait to see him! I got an email from him this morning. He was in the Pyrenees after having spent a few days in Paris (I can only hope this nice midwestern boy was behaving himself in Paris on a Saturday night!), then will make his way back to Barcelona and then to Minneapolis. I'm very much looking forward to spending my afternoon in the cities.

One mystery vehicle from Sunday's run has been identified: the chartreuse jeep belongs to Kirk Thomas, a personal trainer at the Y. Still have to identify the driver of the silver CR-V. ;-)

Talked to Ironwoman Wendy Nevala at the Y. She had a great time at Ironman AZ. She'll do another sometime, but not right away. Her husband Bill signed up for next year's Ironman AZ. Word has it that Judy Weller will be competing in Ironman Louisville. You guys are awesome.

I brought home Stairmaster #5 from the Y this morning. They're replacing all the equipment in the fitness center tomorrow and sold what they had. It will now reside at my home for the remainder of its useful life. ;-) A nice option when the weather is unfavorable. Still have to get my socialization fix at the Y, however.

Here's a Fetzer 2009 shirt idea. It'd be a baseball type shirt (3/4 length sleeves, not short sleeves as shown). Colors could easily change. In the background would be the names of pre-registered runners (I think I'll have him change the outline of the names from square to something a little softer). Let me know what you think, yeah or nay.

Off-Season Striders will run from Dunn Bros. on Elton Hills at 7:30 AM on Saturday. The route will be 10-12 miles (and as always, you're welcome to make it longer or shorter). It will be the annual holiday run. Dress in your finest holiday gear (think Santa hats, red/green clothing, etc.) if you so desire.

You have until Dec. 29 to RSVP for the RTC Annual Banquet . The banquet is January 10 at Willow Creek Golf Course clubhouse. RTC member Dr. Ed Creagan will be our speaker, and the annual awards will be presented.

From Rochester Active Sports Club:

The inaugural hike of hiking group was on December 6th and despite the weather was deemed a great success. The group is planning on going hiking on New Year's Day. Again, this would be a local hike somewhere nearby. If you are interested in working off some of the holiday calories, contact Kelly Classic or Norm Meeks.

Got a comment on the last post from a Steve from St. Paul, a photographer/triathlete, and another reader I don't know. I really like getting comments and it's certainly fun to see who's reading. So ... comment away! But be nice, of course. I read the following on a holiday greeting card: "He sees you when you're sleeping He knows when you're awake He know if you've been bad or good" Inside: "Frankly, I'm a little creeped out ...". Funny. :-)

Thought for the day: "Learn to say kind things--nobody ever resents them." How true.


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Jessica said...

Renee, I looove the Fetzer shirts - almost makes me want to run it just to get one!! ;-)